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  1. My account settings page says "Upload allowance resets in 29 days". What determines when the first of those 29 days occurred?
  2. thanks. It is bad news but at least now I know. Do you happen to know when the monthly limit "month" begins and ends? Is it for example Oct 1, 2018 to Oct 31, 2018? I created the note that had the 40mb video attachment on Oct 5, 2018. thanks
  3. I deleted the contents of Trash, then closed EN. Reopening EN, I am still blocked from creating (other than in the local nb). As a guess, could this be that the EN system has not yet processed everything I just did and that it has not noticed that I deleted the 40 mb chunk of data?
  4. thanks. The note "Time" that I put the large video into was in my notebook Physics, a synched nb. As I said, I deleted the video from note Time, but that did no good. Reading your response I created a local nb "Local NB" and I moved (revised) note Time into Local NB. That did not solve the monthly limit problem. There is nothing in Trash related to Time. I don't know where the deleted video file resides now, if anywhere, within EN. So, I can use the newly created local nb - thank you - but I am stumped as to how, now that the video is deleted, to get my account back below my monthly cap other than just waiting for the passage of time.
  5. I am a non Premium user. Last week I inserted (without considering its size) a 40 mb video into a note and that caused me to exceed my monthly limit. Now EN refuses to upload anything for a month until my account resets. But, and this is my problem, the system will not even let me create a new note or edit and existing not, even when I am off-line. In effect EN is useless to me for the time being other than as something to read. I deleted the 40 mb video from then note but that did not solve the problem. I have 2 questions that I hope you can help me with. 1 How can I get my account back under my limit. (I tried deleting the large video)? 2 How can I create on EN while off line, until the account resets? thanks
  6. I recently created the email address newmail@whatever.com so I am the only one using it. I've had no problems logging into it and using my whaterer.com email. So, as far as whatever.com is concerned, I am the unique owner of newemail@whatever.com and all is well. How can it be that some other person is using newmail@whatever.com as the email for that person's EN account? I am totally confused. (not by you, but by the situation)
  7. Last week, in the EN website I logged into my account and changed my password. A few days later, I logged in with newpassword and it worked Today, I tried (but failed) to change my email address on my EN account from, let's call it, oldmail@whatever.com to newmail@whatever.com. When I first obtained EN, several years ago, I assigned oldmail@whatever.com to it and I never tried to change that - until today. Today, I opened the window wherein to change my email. It showed oldmail@whatever.com as the email address for my EN account, so far so good. I inserted newmail@whatever.com into the appropriate box, but when I hit ENTER it says "this email is already in use". I looked at my inbox for newmail@whatever.com and there is no email from EN about my settings, or anything else. What does "this email is already in use" mean? How can I change my email to newmail@whatever.com? thanks
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