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  1. Is there any way to see the count for how many notes in each notebook?, on the sidebar, like before? I liked to see the amount of total notes...
  2. GREAT JOB GUYS! Evernote far far away the best free app (after Caffeine ) Questions: 1) Is there any way to customize the toolbar to add back/forward/print/etc? 2) Where did "Files" go? I usually search for attachments and loved that feature 3) I have a Mac Air 11" and I'd like to have a three-column card view but it takes too much of the screen. Any way to customize the size of the cards? Feedback: . CMD 1-9 is one of the best new features . View Notebooks in the sidebar, it would be nice to expand/collapse? . Icons in the toolbar for new camera/audio note . Definitely All Notes icon in the toolbar . I think for such a complete app it's time to expand and improve the "Preferences" Great job again, thanks!
  3. Weird... in Safari or Firefox doesn't clip, read the notebooks and tags first, then it stays there forever... But only with this website. I want to clip an article, a piece of the page including maps and some data collected through a tool, so probably it's clashing with some sort of non compatible technology?
  4. This says it all, we all love Evernote and use it everyday, but the Skitch move was very frustrating... I try to hide the app because it's not in the menu bar anymore (my fav old feature). But it can't hide by itself and I have to hide it manually even if I chose to hide it in the Login Items in system configuration. Even worst, the first time in the day that I try "Command+Shift+5" it brings the Skitch window first, being that part of the capture! I'm concern now about the new Evernote for Mac coming soon... I hope is not a complete redesign otherwise Evernote will turn into... ugg... Microsoft? I believe Evernote is one of the BEST applications around. Period. Please don't mess it up trying to go one step further. Thanks Evernote, we love you!
  5. I have Evernote 3.1.2 in Lion, and lately I've been noticing that when I open Evernote it shows the bottom of all the thumbnails (the oldest notes) — and I have sorted the view by date updated, newest first. So, I have to scroll all the way up to see the newest updated notes. Any thoughts? Is it a bug or a problem in my version?
  6. Apparently it looks for a small square image, or something like that... but I think that the best rule, a functional one for users that want to pick one image as an identifier, should be "choosing the first image", an image that you would place usually at the beginning of the note.
  7. No, it's not about the EXIF. Evernote receives the picture from the iPhone in the wrong orientation.
  8. I'd love to be able to zoom in and out inside a note with CMD + and CMD - like many other apps, i.e. Mail. I use that a lot, especially in an 11" MacBook. Thanks!
  9. I just tested something: I took a picture, sent it to Evernote, wrong orientation. Then edited the picture, rotated it, sent it again, SAME wrong orientation...
  10. The reality is, no matter in which orientation I put the iPhone, when I send a picture to my Evernote e-mail, it comes upside down. I don't think it's only an iPhone problem, it's also an Evernote issue to solve.
  11. I don't agree... I tried taking pictures with my iPhone in different orientations, and no matter how, the picture comes with the wrong orientation to Evernote. I use portrait for receipts, they come landscape and rotated 90 degrees. I take one landscape, it comes upside down...
  12. Any follow up with this? This week I uploaded a picture from iPhone (sending the photo to my Evernote email), and no matter how you put the camera (portrait or landscape), it arrives Evernote with the wrong orientation. The funny thing is that in the thumbnail view it shows the right orientation, but when you open the note it shows the wrong orientation...
  13. Let me clarify: - In a new note, when I use the checklist icon, every time I hit enter it creates a new checkbox in the next row. So new items, new checkboxes automatically.That's great. - When I edit that note, or when I edit a note without checklists, sometimes (randomly?) it doesn't create a checkbox in the next row when I hit enter. Sometimes it does. - What is odd is that I have notes with more than one checklist: I can hit enter in one of them and it creates a new box in the next row ; then I do the same in another checklist (same note) and when I hit enter in a checklist it doesn't create a new box in the next row.
  14. I have the last EN version on Lion. If I edit a note and create a checklist, when I hit enter it doesn't create a new checklist. But it does if the note is new.
  15. Glad it worked! Beyond all the little problems that Evernote may have, the reality is that EVERNOTE ROCKS! More than ever... note
  16. Still doing it with the new Evernote version. Apparently if I shoot the picture from a new note itself it works, but there you will have a heavy big picture. I'd rather take the pic from the iPhone camera, then e-mail a note to my Evernote e-mail and then I choose "medium" size. That's when I receive the images with the wrong orientation. Funny thing is, I tried to shoot a receipt landscape instead of portrait and Evernote brought it upside down! So I guess Evernote has a problem with image orientation no matter what...
  17. I didn't know... I thought Evernote downloaded the files once you open them in Word... but I SOLVED IT. I opened the Word and then "Open recent", then "Save As"... both files were here: ~Library/Application Support/Evernote/external edits/[temp folder]
  18. I had two Word files in a note. I opened them, I edited them, I saved them and then I erased them from the note to attach them again... ... and I realized that the files were not downloaded when I opened them. For some reason I thought that once you open a file from a note it goes to the download folder or somewhere else in Evernote. Is there any temporary folder where I could locate these files that I don't have anymore in Evernote?
  19. Do you know why the Ron's tips notebook fails to sync? Is that a known issue? Thanks!
  20. Hello there, I was once subscribed to Ron's Evernote tips, and I have about 20 tips there. Now the notebook doesn't update anymore... I see there's another notebook called Ron's tips, but if I subscribe to it there's a sync failure... on the other hand, you have hundreds of his tips here: http://evernote.tumblr.com/. Is there any way to have all these tips automatically updated to a shared notebook in Evernote, and as new articles are created they are updated in your Evernote account?
  21. Anybody using it? Is it supposed to update the watch notes automatically? What if you edit those notes, does it mess anything?
  22. Thanks! It keeps on doing it, no matter how I put the camera to take the pic...
  23. Now it's doing the same with landscape. In the iPhone I see the images correctly, but when I send the image to my Evernote e-mail, they come with the image upside down...
  24. I have a couple of images from receipts that I took in portrait mode with my iPhone. When I see them in the iPhone I see them in portrait mode, when they are uploaded to Evernote they appear landscape, same when syncing Evernote and Expensify. A month ago this wouldn't happen. How can I solve this? thanks!
  25. Select all the notes you want to tag and drag and drop them over the tag in the tag list IT WORKED! Thanks.
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