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  1. New list view looks too big, I'm used to seeing about 3 x 3 thumbnails in the desktop version, and 2 (columns) x 3 makes sense for me in the iOS version. I don't like a list view and never used it before. I update several notes a day, so I feel lost having to go down to look for notes instead of clicking right there the recently updated notes. Rotating the phone makes it even bigger, a note thumbnail doesn't even fit on the screen.

    By the way, since the previous update, every time I open the app it asks me for my iTunes password. Same with this new update. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and same problem.


    Beyond that, thank you for the great app!

  2. DayOne is a journal app. I consider what pictures, what chunks of text I add to it. It's the curated view of my life. 



    Thanks so much, that concept definitely clarifies it.


    If you wouldn't have DayOne, would you create one or two notebooks in Evernote called "Curated Journal" or XXX and use it like you would use DayOne, or for some feature I don't know, DayOne is irreplaceable? 


    Also, what would you suggest to start sending notes to DayOne? Any specific technique to put old stuff there?


    Last but not least, do you have to buy both the desktop and the iPhone app? $15 seems too much to start playing around when the amazing Evernote is free...



  3. I'm a heavy Evernote user for ALL (photos, web clipping, to do's, etc.). I just checked Day One and I like the idea of using it, I feel I'm putting too much in Evernote (around 2,000 notes) and some notes are updated several times a day without tracking changes. I wonder what's the use of Day One and why I would like it complementing Evernote... anybody using both? Why Day One and not Evernote and viceversa?

  4. I suspect @goldfilm is talking about the fact that checkboxes are very small, and it is difficult to check them off without engaging the keyboard.


    I started a thread on this topic six months ago asking Evernote to make checkboxes bigger. After six months and several others weighing in on behalf of larger checkboxes or another solution, an Evernote employee has finally responded "I agree that we need to improve the usability of checkboxes in the note editor; we'll look into increasing size or other changes for an upcoming release."


    It may be useful to consolidate requests for improved iOS checkbox functionality in a single thread to encourage Evernote to take this problem seriously.


    URL: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/38915-feature-request-make-checkboxes-bigger/


    Thanks, I already commented on the link. My suggestion is for Evernote to ask if you want to edit the note or check the boxes only. Thus, the note could be protected from editing, allowing "check on, check off" only, whatever you touch on the note. 

  5. I agree! They are impossible to use. I even zoom the note so the boxes are as big as possible. But still, half of the times you click on them the action opens the note to edit somewhere else instead of checking the box. 


    One possible solution would be to ask if you want to edit the note or check the boxes only. Thus, the note could be protected from editing, allowing "check on, check off" only, whatever you touch on the note. 

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  6. Weird... in Safari or Firefox doesn't clip, read the notebooks and tags first, then it stays there forever... But only with this website. I want to clip an article, a piece of the page including maps and some data collected through a tool, so probably it's clashing with some sort of non compatible technology?

  7. Please, Evernote powers-that-be, please bring back the Skitch we know and love. Adding functionality is ok. But please don't take it all away. Thanks for listening.

    This says it all, we all love Evernote and use it everyday, but the Skitch move was very frustrating...

    I try to hide the app because it's not in the menu bar anymore (my fav old feature). But it can't hide by itself and I have to hide it manually even if I chose to hide it in the Login Items in system configuration. Even worst, the first time in the day that I try "Command+Shift+5" it brings the Skitch window first, being that part of the capture!

    I'm concern now about the new Evernote for Mac coming soon... I hope is not a complete redesign otherwise Evernote will turn into... ugg... Microsoft? I believe Evernote is one of the BEST applications around. Period. Please don't mess it up trying to go one step further.

    Thanks Evernote, we love you!

  8. The point is that Evernote isn't flipping your images, your camera is. Evernote is displaying them as they were actually taken (with your phone/camera sideways, upside down, etc).

    I don't agree... I tried taking pictures with my iPhone in different orientations, and no matter how, the picture comes with the wrong orientation to Evernote. I use portrait for receipts, they come landscape and rotated 90 degrees. I take one landscape, it comes upside down...

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