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  1. For me this is annoying as hell. Evernote is really going down with their policies. They are forcing users to use what the developers like and not the users. How can you you redesign the way people access their notes and not only force it without opting out, but also make the changes only for premium. I’m not a free user, I’m a plus user so I also pay for this. Terrible idea.

    I’ve been fighting for the past two or three upgrades because I’m also being forced to use auto format. Auto format off used to be an option and not anymore. I can’t understand why Evernote does not want to even have a setting for on-off. I’m using a Legacy version just because of this. And now with the new ridiculous dashboard. The worst feeling is that you are stuck, because you can’t just stop using an app you used for 10 years and have thousands of documents.

    Evernote employees used to hang out in the forum and reply in a few hours, look for solutions. Not anymore. The new direction of the company is very disappointing. 

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  2. I need to free space on my Mac and I've noticed the following:

    User > Library > Containers > Evernote > Data > Library > Application Support > Evernote > resource-cache (2.15 GB)

    Users > Library > Group Containers > (characters).com.evernote.Evernote > CoreNotes > accounts > www.evernote.com > (characters) > content (3.38 GB)

    Could I erase some of these safely?

  3. I'm very disappointed that you can't disable auto formatting in the new Evernote for Mac. What's the reason? I provided feedback in the last release, and the new release does not bring this back. It's just a simple checkmark and a sentence "auto format off". I work ALL DAY with lists and the bullets are too bold and distracting. I use "-" and I just CAN'T believe a simple thing like this is not possible.

    Evernote recommends to use Command-Z all the time with every "-"... really? It makes no sense for a software that it's supposed to be productive and modern. I can't believe Evernote has no preferences, no customization. So basically we have to take whatever design. There's a new home with widgets (but most for Premium only). So, a lot of stuff I can't use, and a simple thing I want to use is not there anymore.

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  4. New list view looks too big, I'm used to seeing about 3 x 3 thumbnails in the desktop version, and 2 (columns) x 3 makes sense for me in the iOS version. I don't like a list view and never used it before. I update several notes a day, so I feel lost having to go down to look for notes instead of clicking right there the recently updated notes. Rotating the phone makes it even bigger, a note thumbnail doesn't even fit on the screen.

    By the way, since the previous update, every time I open the app it asks me for my iTunes password. Same with this new update. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and same problem.


    Beyond that, thank you for the great app!

  5. The point is that Evernote isn't flipping your images, your camera is. Evernote is displaying them as they were actually taken (with your phone/camera sideways, upside down, etc).

    I don't agree... I tried taking pictures with my iPhone in different orientations, and no matter how, the picture comes with the wrong orientation to Evernote. I use portrait for receipts, they come landscape and rotated 90 degrees. I take one landscape, it comes upside down...

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