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  1. Spotify, iCloud, 1Password, you name it, all subscription-based plans are offering a family plan for up to 5 annual memberships, most of them for logins anywhere in the world, except Spotify (must reside in same address). Is Evernote considering it? Thanks!
  2. "Please sign in to Evernote on your phone" is the legend I see. I tried install/uninstall, log out/log in, and nothing. I have the last iOS and watchOS running.
  3. Can't use it. It keeps on telling me to sign in on my phone. I've tried sign out and in and nothing.
  4. New list view looks too big, I'm used to seeing about 3 x 3 thumbnails in the desktop version, and 2 (columns) x 3 makes sense for me in the iOS version. I don't like a list view and never used it before. I update several notes a day, so I feel lost having to go down to look for notes instead of clicking right there the recently updated notes. Rotating the phone makes it even bigger, a note thumbnail doesn't even fit on the screen. By the way, since the previous update, every time I open the app it asks me for my iTunes password. Same with this new update. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and same problem. Beyond that, thank you for the great app!
  5. I'm trying to find a way to upgrade the basic Evernote for Mac using iTunes credit... any help? Will I get a 50% off Premium there too?
  6. I can't use Evernote in split screen. When I try to drop it it shows me a "forbidden" sign.
  7. Wow, it has been 10 days since I posted this. Either Evernote is only paying attention to paid users, or the problematic recent update has everybody busy...
  8. Anybody at Evernote checked this? Between the slow check lists after the last update and the font bug it's getting unproductive to use Evernote daily...
  9. BUG: No matter what type of font, size and color I use in checklists, no matter if I select all the text in the note and set up a specific font, size and color, every time I hit enter and go to the next line creating a new check box, the font goes back to Helvetica Neue 14 in black.
  10. goldfilm

    Blank cards

    Same here... waited for a long time and a note appeared but with a weird format difficult to read and use...
  11. Right now my two top choices to improve in the new Evernote version are: 1. Make it faster again, especially in to do list editing 2. Make the check marks in the to do lists darker or even with color again Thanks!
  12. Notes with to do lists extremely slow to edit yet...
  13. Well, to set the record straight, it's not really free. Your use of the product is paid for by us Premium account owners, who do pay. Allowing you to use the product for free is just a sales gimmick to get you to upgrade to Premium. That's true! But free or paid, sometimes people complain like Evernote is a human right (and I'm a first class complainer... but here, just thank you and suggestions...)
  14. 1. Same here... I thought it was happening only for the first time you open a note, some kind of "upgrade" delay... but not, you switch between notes and all are slow, with no content for a while. Hopefully this is solved soon. 2. A +1 to complain about the color. I like the sleek design but I was loving the to-do check marks in blue. 3. I won't get tired of saying this, especially with so many people bitching about this upgrade: YOU GUYS ROCK. Let's not forget this is a free software and this company keeps on paying close attention to this forum. Not like the Apple Discussions forum, with tons of complaints about same old thing and still you don't see one Apple employee showing up to clarify or thank or even consider what people say. Have a great weekend everybody.
  15. Thanks, no more questions, now is up to me. But to be honest, driving a washing machine is a lot of fun.
  16. Thanks so much, that concept definitely clarifies it. If you wouldn't have DayOne, would you create one or two notebooks in Evernote called "Curated Journal" or XXX and use it like you would use DayOne, or for some feature I don't know, DayOne is irreplaceable? Also, what would you suggest to start sending notes to DayOne? Any specific technique to put old stuff there? Last but not least, do you have to buy both the desktop and the iPhone app? $15 seems too much to start playing around when the amazing Evernote is free... thanks!
  17. I'm a heavy Evernote user for ALL (photos, web clipping, to do's, etc.). I just checked Day One and I like the idea of using it, I feel I'm putting too much in Evernote (around 2,000 notes) and some notes are updated several times a day without tracking changes. I wonder what's the use of Day One and why I would like it complementing Evernote... anybody using both? Why Day One and not Evernote and viceversa?
  18. Thanks, I already commented on the link. My suggestion is for Evernote to ask if you want to edit the note or check the boxes only. Thus, the note could be protected from editing, allowing "check on, check off" only, whatever you touch on the note.
  19. I agree! They are impossible to use. I even zoom the note so the boxes are as big as possible. But still, half of the times you click on them the action opens the note to edit somewhere else instead of checking the box. One possible solution would be to ask if you want to edit the note or check the boxes only. Thus, the note could be protected from editing, allowing "check on, check off" only, whatever you touch on the note.
  20. Did you ever try to fill a check list as done on a phone? Every time you click on a box, instead of put the checkmark it opens the note for editing and doesn't let to mark the squares. Let's say you're in a supermarket with a groceries list... almost impossible to use the list and mark items as done.
  21. Since I installed the new Clipper for Safari, it doesn't suggest tags, only notebooks. The old clipper used to do much better suggesting tags. Anybody with a similar experience?
  22. Thanks for the quick reply and for the condolences... I'm so out of it that I didn't think of buying premium for a month. Actually because of this error I don't think I have to pay, but also $5 is nothing compared with the real loss. I'll go ahead and buy the premium and check later what support says... thanks, The ticket is 29778.
  23. Hello, I just reached the quota limit by mistake, the Skitch was uploading photos and I didn't know. I am currently dealing with key documents because of my father's death but I can't access those documents. I can't find any phone for support. I already sent emails. Please help! Thanks.
  24. Any news about this? I'm fascinated with the redesigned Hello 2.0 and the ability to scan cards, but half of them come out washed because of the flash... Keep on rockin', Evernote!
  25. Hello I just copied an image from the web (the NYTimes logo) and pasted into a new note but it doesn't show up as a thumbnail. The note shows no thumbnail at all. I'm using OS 10.8 and Evernote 5. Thanks.
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