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  1. I'm just curious. I am another person that is using Evernote as my online lab notebook for research and have been stuck by larger than 50 MB data files that I have to find some convoluted way of linking to. I guess the limit keeps people from dumping their hard drive to Evernote and using it as a storage solution but, a) why would that be bad and there's already a total upload cap... I've been normalizing my data as much as possible (separate notes for separate thoughts) but sometimes a single thought is >50 MB forcing me to artificially segment them. Any official insight?
  2. I remember frustration with Excel interop when writing some .NET program a while ago. I ended up using Aspose.Cells for .NET which allowed me to handle any Excel file, regardless of version, in a consistent way. I know that other such libraries exist for other languages. I wonder why not purchase one of these to allow for Office interop like thumbnail creation or OCR? By subscribing to one of these libraries, the responsibility for maintaining the library and keeping it current would fall on the libraries developer rather than Evernote's programmers.
  3. I made a utility with Evernote in mind as a quick way to produce pasteable images representing TeX snippets. You can get it here if you think it might be useful.
  4. After reading this forum post (I also would very much appreciate some kind of native math input support), I figured I'd write a utility in the spirit of the OP's suggestion that might make getting images of equations into Evernote as simple as possible. It's just an executable and a DLL. You can get it here. Let me know what you think! Edit: I should note that it requires the .NET Framework 4.0 full
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