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  1. I'm so glad someone else is having this problem. I've been in chat with Tech Support for the last 24 hours. I've submitted screenshots and videos to them so their tech guys should now be working on it.
  2. As expected after an update, a lot of moaning and groaning and "I'm not going to use this app ever". Its quite amusing to read. It's like Evernote is the only app to ever have bugs on first release. Bugs get reported. Bugs get resolved. Simple. From a personal point of view - iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 - no crashes, no bugs. Things are in a different place, things have gone. No big deal. All in all, very good. Little bit naughty to remove features before asking users but I'm sure they'll notice and find some compromise. Thanks, Evernote. Keep going
  3. I've recently discovered this issue. I'm stuck with Tahoma 11 whether I like it or not. I change the option, click ok, then go back into options and it's reverted back. I've tried signing out and back in but it's done nothing. As a Premium User, I'm hoping for a solution soon.
  4. When taking a picture using the iPhone, make sure the Home button is to the right. This will ensure that the picture is the right way round in Evernote. Also, you're probably best editing the picture on a desktop computer.
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