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  1. My goal each day is simply to share my feelings about the day. I don't use a template for journaling because I have never found one that works for me. I simply record important events, feelings about the day and near- and long-term goals. BTW, I use a program called Things by Cultured Code for managing my GTD-style to-do list and not Evernote. I do all I can to turn off the annoying reminders and to-do "features" in Evernote. I might add that I teach software engineering to college students and I am opinionated. I have always felt that the UNIX/Linux concept of a single tool performi
  2. I agree with many of the complaints about the new Evernote. During this 10.x experience, I have tried a number of Evernote alternatives for the Mac. None of them have a decent web clipper (it's the first thing I test). Evernote's web clipper is the absolute best that I have found. But Evernote has not abandoned us. I just re-installed Evernote Legacy for the Mac and I am weeping with tears of joy! Evernote Legacy feels much faster. I can search all my notes from the main window. I never have to open the Sidebar which takes up valuable screen real estate. Links in notes open with a s
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