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  1. My goal each day is simply to share my feelings about the day. I don't use a template for journaling because I have never found one that works for me. I simply record important events, feelings about the day and near- and long-term goals. BTW, I use a program called Things by Cultured Code for managing my GTD-style to-do list and not Evernote. I do all I can to turn off the annoying reminders and to-do "features" in Evernote. I might add that I teach software engineering to college students and I am opinionated. I have always felt that the UNIX/Linux concept of a single tool performing a single task is the best way to design software. Deviation from this single-minded focus is what causes software bloat and Evernote may need lap-band surgery.
  2. I agree with many of the complaints about the new Evernote. During this 10.x experience, I have tried a number of Evernote alternatives for the Mac. None of them have a decent web clipper (it's the first thing I test). Evernote's web clipper is the absolute best that I have found. But Evernote has not abandoned us. I just re-installed Evernote Legacy for the Mac and I am weeping with tears of joy! Evernote Legacy feels much faster. I can search all my notes from the main window. I never have to open the Sidebar which takes up valuable screen real estate. Links in notes open with a single click. Legacy opens new notes with the cursor in the Title field. Legacy lets me change notebooks in two clicks without having to open the Sidebar. If you have issues with the new Evernote, reinstall Legacy. I have been a Premium customer for eleven years and Evernote is crucial to my workflow. I migrated 8000 4900 journal entries from Day One (a Mac-only app) in April 2020 to Evernote. I am now journaling every single day in Evernote on Windows and Mac. I just wanted a single place for all my notes, web clippings and reference material. Evernote is that place for me, a university instructor. The good news about Legacy is that you don't have to migrate all your Evernote notes to use it. It runs alongside the "new" Evernote. Speaking of "new", I liken the new Evernote to "New Coke", if you get the reference. Evernote is receiving a lot of criticism about their new app, and frankly they deserve quite a bit of it. However, in their defense, Evernote is still the best at what they do, they gave us a way to escape the tyranny of Evernote 10 with Legacy and it is still quite easy to export all your notes when it is time to leave. I am grateful for Evernote and continue to use it every single day. I have tried most of the others. Most of them don't hold a candle to Evernote FOR ME. I say that while we provide honest and useful feedback to Evernote about the new app, we must give thanks and applaud them for the greatness of the Legacy app. Thank you, Evernote Legacy!
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