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  1. I've read a number of 'missing' data posts but none quite fit my problem. I use the web client almost exclusively. I have a 'diary' type note open in a browser most of the day. Because of memory problems I need to make notes about what I've done during the day. I am religious about doing this. This morning I opened the note for this quarter to find that my notes for the last two days of the week were missing. I have seen issues like a note inexplicably being duplicated but I've not had missing text before. I could understand if this were a sync problem between a local client and the web,
  2. I rarely post opinions since, as a non-premium user, I don't really think I have a right to complain. However FWIW I agree with the OPs who are not happy with the beta. To me the Android interface seems crippled in comparison to the old full featured interface. I hope you are not going to do this to the desktop client but in the interests of standardizing the code base I assume you will. Yahoo! made sweeping changes to its email interface and has had to revert back to its old features one by one - losing a number of paying customers in the process. Might be something to be learned from t
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