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  1. I've read a number of 'missing' data posts but none quite fit my problem. I use the web client almost exclusively. I have a 'diary' type note open in a browser most of the day. Because of memory problems I need to make notes about what I've done during the day. I am religious about doing this. This morning I opened the note for this quarter to find that my notes for the last two days of the week were missing. I have seen issues like a note inexplicably being duplicated but I've not had missing text before. I could understand if this were a sync problem between a local client and the web, but all of my data is entered directly into the web client. In another application it would be as if I didn't 'hit save' but that can't be the case here. I can find no explanation for this. Has anyone else seen this? I will spend most of my day trying to reconstruct what I might have done on Thursday and Friday.
  2. I rarely post opinions since, as a non-premium user, I don't really think I have a right to complain. However FWIW I agree with the OPs who are not happy with the beta. To me the Android interface seems crippled in comparison to the old full featured interface. I hope you are not going to do this to the desktop client but in the interests of standardizing the code base I assume you will. Yahoo! made sweeping changes to its email interface and has had to revert back to its old features one by one - losing a number of paying customers in the process. Might be something to be learned from their experience. Compared to Evernote using OneNote is like chiseling on stone tablets, But it's there, getting better all the time, and has some distinct advantages as an Office 'feature' rather than a standalone product. This might be one of those times to really solicit feedback from your paying customers if you have not already done so.
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