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  1. Thanks, Scott. Your observations confirm mine. Any copied/pasted image does that, when dragged afetr being pasted. And, yes, whun I drag the image directly from my pictures folder this desn't happen. I am a seasoned coputer user, and I have an eye for these things. I also observed that, if you attach (for instance drag) a file (like a word document), it also becomes an image placeholder (in this case, this is ok). You can drag this placeholder arould your note, and this works. But if you copy/paste it, just the image placeholder is pasted, and if you click on it, it won't take you to the documment. The same happens if you paste a copied attachmento in another note. Otherwise, this seems to be a great product. A little rough for all the things it could accomplish. Not as rich and powerful as OneNote, but definitely more open. I miss Ink a lot, the possibility to mix images, text, ink and attachments on the same note, and better collection managemnt (stacks) on the mobile version. As I use these tools for research docummentation, I also would like a better way to export multiple notes (keeping notebooks/stacks organization), and a more organized attachments organization of local notebooks (some wikis I used store attachments in a very organized directory structure, so that you can also trust them as dependable digital files collections. Regards, Paulo.
  2. Hi, When I paste a copied image (let's say, from Windows Photo Viewer), first it looks ok on my note, but if I drag it around, for instance, to the middle of a paragraph, then the pasted image will show as a placeholder image, and gerenerally won't work anymore. It seems to also loose it's file extension because, if I click on it, it asks me for a program to open it (if a select paint, for instance) it will open ok. Such moved images export ok (still not inline, just the placeholder) on an exported (html) note, but they do'nt seem to work when the note is synchronized to the web or to mobile. This just seems to happen when I drag the pasted content. Any clues on what maybe happening, or is it a bug? Thanks, Paulo.
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