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  1. @Mike Korner I agree. I was just curious about how people are coping with the lack of support. With the various workarounds on the various platforms. Personally I sort of have it covered on numerous platforms but not my main one: Linux. I guess I should there do like I did on iOS with Editorial: Hack together a "Markdown to HTML and email into Evernote" workaround.
  2. @psteinweber Just curious: Do you really have no workarounds at all? Thinking of e.g. Byword on Mac and Editorial on iPad.
  3. I'd say, though, that the "shopping list" case is an interesting one: Anyone got a "syncs with Evernote" third party recommendation? If not then that IS a niche where there's some value - for Evernote or a third party. But maybe a niche that wouldn't be a high priority for Evernote or anyone else. And when I say it's an interesting case it is from a usability and compsci point of view. And yes I'd use one that was good enough.
  4. I'm counting on the waterproofness of the Fitbit Flex: If I sing in the shower I expect to dance. :-) The black band looks more than good enough to wear all the time. Wondering when to schedule charging time. :-)
  5. But does (Multi)Markdown actually do syntax highlighting? It certainly respects 4 indenting spaces as denoting code. But I don't think that buys you colo(u)r. There is another thread on this newsgroup about wanting (Multi)Markdown, by the way. And yes I too would like syntax highlighting.
  6. I once asked the same question of Remember The Milk. It IS different as their use of the structure of the email body is tighter but they have a way of terminating the used text. It would be nice to have a ":msgends" or similar semantic.
  7. I'm hoping @Abelon Dev (whose handle is similar to that of the "company" that make it) will articulate what makes this app special. My track record says I'm quite adventurous at using new tools with Evernote - but I still don't know what this app's unique is.
  8. But it's one click to the Pro version. Not sure I see the point of this. Aren't there similarly easy ways of getting stuff into Evernote?
  9. While I know their core competency is not notesmithing I would think it behoves them to make sure a great notesmithing experience is available everwhere they aim to operate. So far they've got it nowhere.
  10. @cwb Thanks. Worth my while seeing if I can order one. (Happen to be in the USA until a week after they're meant to ship.)
  11. @martyscholes I'm sorry to say I don't. Just trying to clarify the problem and suggest you try Firefox Nightly as a second browser - to see if it helps. If not then you might want to file a bug with Mozilla. Let us know how you get on.
  12. Which PDF rendering engine? Are you talking about Firefox's pdf.js or some other? As I happen to follow the Firefox Builds FORUM of the Mozillazine newsgroup I think I've heard of enhancements to it in recent test releases (Nightlies). For me pdf.js works just fine whether on the released level or the Nightlies. Or is this a DIFFERENT PDF rendering scenario?
  13. @chrissmit (or anyone else) is the new one based on the Jot Pro?
  14. @C6REW Do we know the commuter bag is in fact overpriced? Or just too "up market" for most Evernote users? In the UK this market would be at the Waitrose / John Lewis level: Nice stuff sold by nice people nicely displayed. Which excludes most people. I also thought the bags weren't suitable for MY needs: 15" laptop plus lots more besides - mainly devices and cables.
  15. This reminds me of the ads. Supposedly I'm one of the few that turned it off. But also don't want it in my iOS client (or any client for that matter). Nice products - by the look of it - but not relevant yet as not available in the UK and even then I can go to www.evernote.com to pick up the market when I need to.
  16. Sounds good but is this using an iOS API or some trickery of the app's own? The former would make it more likely than the latter would.
  17. Perhaps it's the difference between Word's table being a vaguely HTML-like document construct and Excel tables being actual spreadsheets with formulae etc. I can imagine the former is MUCH easier to parse than the latter.
  18. @Mike Korner with your talk of "paragraph styles" I think it points out there's a "level agreement" between Markdown and the expressiveness (or lack of) of the Evernote data stream: There's not much in (Multi)Markdown that can't directly translate into ENML and vice versa. HTML has far too much to strip out on its way to ENML.
  19. That's similar to a suggestion I made for completed reminders (if I remember correctly). Shame it has to be that way but it's workable, I think.
  20. @GrumpyMonkey I guess I'll just have to try it some day. It's either very easy - as dragging works nicely in a note - or very fiddly.
  21. This is rather nice (and thanks to Linda (surname?) for doing the video). One thing though: I wonder if it's possible to drag and drop the links within the TOC (Table Of Contents) note to reorder them. I suspect it's a bit more cumbersome than that. I store my notes in "last updated descending" order - which probably ISN'T the order I want the TOC to be in. And even if Evernote remembers the order you clicked on I'm not sure that's the order I want the links to stay in. The above most notably for Batch Mode. (Actually it's not Batch as in JCL.) :-)
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