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  1. Thanks! It must be the content you can't edit in place programmatically. I once wrote some (bad) Applescript to add rows to a table (something Evernote client is fairly poor at) but had to satisfy myself with creating a second note. I hope I was wrong. :-)
  2. I don't think you can programmatically update ANY aspect of Evernote in e.g. Applescript. :-( Would love it if you could.
  3. @mcheng Can you position this against Evernote Hello? Sounds like it replaces it.
  4. I'm wondering what will happen to Evernote Hello. But pleased to see card scanning (and LinkedIn linkage) in Evernote proper.
  5. @megsaint Wasn't aware of PostEver. Will look at it and maybe I'll switch - as I have several similarly named apps. :-)
  6. Not quite what you're doing @Stephen Lanford buy vJournal on iOS (which I use) builds a note a day from fragments it sends to Evernote. Might be a helpful approach.
  7. To the extent this post still has legs... :-) Autoever on iOS does mass tagging and moving for me.
  8. I use Fitbit's own app on iOS and - via dongle - on OSX. I'm not sure I need to send weekly reports to Evernote as the app doesn't seem to throw data away.
  9. pygments looks like it might fit the bill - on several platforms: http://pygments.org/ Tested on RHEL with some ASM to HTML.
  10. Wondering if this could be done with a Syntax Highlighter as part of the toolchain - something like: Put the code through a language-sensitive highlighter. Convert to HTML. Convert to ENML. Send to Evernote.This definitely wouldn't round trip and I don't even know which platforms it could be done on. Anyone know of programs that do highlighting for ANY target language? (And steps 2 and 3 should probably be conflated.)
  11. @megsaint Ah but it's the round-tripping through Evernote and <insert-your-fave-editor-here> that's the bear. Else nobody would care about the Evernote editor. But for some people round-tripping doesn't happen: They compose a note in their fave editor and into Evernote it goes - for posterity.
  12. @C6REW Do I take it the multiplatform requirement trumped the usability one?
  13. Agreed that Evernote's strength is simple notes. Two points... Even at that job the shoe pinches sometimes.The flow of information from e.g a quick note to a presentation is unpredictable and should be as friction free as possible.
  14. For images inside HTML there are data URLs. But I don't know if Evernote supports them, nor if they are limited. So there MIGHT be a way to get images into HTML.
  15. The "use both" @Metrodon would have us partitioning our data in an unnatural way: Into stuff that wants decent editing and stuff that wants to be accessed across multiple devices. I think I'd discern three issues: A slightly underwhelming XML grammar: While not visible as such to most users it limits what can be expressed.A somewhat underwhelming editing experience - on all platforms.A conservative approach to how you can edit the data programmatically - without jumping through (in my view) unnecessary hoops. For example Enscript and Mac capabilities that don't allow you to update a note but force you to create a new copy with the edits in.
  16. Sadly Evernote doesn't seem to major on the text editing experience. But, like you, the "your stuff anywhere" benefit is important to me. It seems to be left to third parties to do stuff with text. Maybe text isn't exotic enough. :-)
  17. I always thought - and actually stated at length a few years ago - it would be great if Evernote worked with the WINE folks to make their Windows client work well (enough) with WINE. A few of you might remember that. It was back in the Version 3 days, I think. Maybe that didn't happen and maybe @Orbmiser is lucky and the level of WINE (which level?) and Evernote 5 work well enough together. I'd like to understand @Orbmiser's success. Thanks, Martin
  18. @Jackolicious Glad to hear it. And I would hope that was a statement that was wider than just the Mac client. Pet wish: Hot keys to add rows in tables, closely followed by mechanism to add more than one row at a time.
  19. On the Linux front rdiscount is command line and therefore scriptable. Shouldn't be too hard to wrap it together with a MIME email command. But this ISN'T round trip.
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