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  1. Well, there is no "switch to the Evernote app" if you're running on Linux (as my work machine does). (Discounting Wine and Windows under KVM.) So the only route is via an extension or a saved image file.


    I sometimes wonder about building a Firefox extension that would get round some of the limitations - such as subverting TinyMCE to get an image in. (Some DOM manipulation could probably do it.) I already have a GreaseMonkey script that does things like adding rows to tables - but it's not sharable :-( and doesn't do anything with images.

  2. That's the sort of sneaky trick I'd pull. :-) Using DOM Inspector / Firebug / Inspect Element quite a lot. It's actually how I figured out that at intervals EvWeb just saves the HTML more or less "as is". "More or less" because the HTML has to be checked to do things with, pun intended, check boxes and the like.

  3. @jjwells Private businesses can make business decisions any way they want to.


    Of the three things you suggested, they've said next to nothing: Linux client, web app note merging, Web app HTML5 offline storage.

    It would seem to me, though, that note merging is the easiest and most likely. But I'm just a customer of Evernote's (though an IT technical specialist of 30 years' standing).

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  4. This might be a "stretch" objective but I tried to scan a page or several yesterday that had been folded and so were no longer flattenable.


    I wonder if it's possible for Scannable to learn how to do a better job - it not being a quadrilateral anymore but more like six-sided.

  5. Listening to the latest podcast I don't think Evernote think the Web Editor should be "full function". *

    I dissent from that as a Linux user who is not permitted to use Wine.



    * I don't mind the "clear the ***** out of the way while you're authoring" bit of it but making me resort to a GreaseMonkey script that has to be updated with every change of the web editor frankly sucks - even if I DO like the programming challenge. :-)

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