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  1. Oo la la, I've moved to an iPhone, and I see a duplicate option here. PERFECT!
  2. Is there an option to copy a note on the Android version? I can't seem to find it. I'm using some notes as templates, and on my desktop I have the option to copy my note, however on my Android, which is where I really need it during a meeting I can't copy a note. Thanks, David
  3. With the Chrome plug in, now when i search on Bing or Google, it includes results in my EN account, including my own KB!
  4. And I just started keeping my own KB in a notebook, track the error and my solution!
  5. On my android, I have Barcode Scanner v3.6, which has a Send To option. From Evernote I can send a link to my post to the bar code and it generates a QR code automatically. From here it gets a little tricky though. I can't print directly from my phone, and if I save the image it's just the QR code, no reference to what it goes to. If I save it back into EN, it includes the QR code and the destination link, and I can add a comment so I know what it is. From my desktop, take the QR codes and print them off! It's a little redundant (EN to QR to EN to PC to PRINT) but I think it's faster/easier than going to another website to create the QR codes.
  6. It kind of falls under Craft, but on a much larger scale. I use EN for everything around my house track paint colors/names for each room snap shot something, add text for what I need to fix it and go to home depot. i can show the HD staff what I'm talking about easily "Oh, you need a..." Using Skitch with Evernote I can draw out initial ideas and concepts for around the house, even take a photo and draw on top of it. I stripped a wall, ran wires through for TV and then before finishing it off I took a snap shot so I know where the wires are in the future track what kind/size of filter my furnace uses As I do small DIY projects i'll catalog what I'm doing as I do it, snap shot it and add notes. I have it available for friends and family who may want to do the same. I can also throw it up to my blog if I feel like really sharing.
  7. I use it to store code snippets! I have a Code Snippet library which I store the code, tag it by technology. Always have what I need wherever I am!
  8. +1 for recipes and food! One of my top 3 uses for EN 30 replies and over 4k views, I'd say it's a hot topic http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21114-wrangling-recipes/
  9. My 3rd post today, gosh I love Evernote... I recently bought a house and we moved in a couple of months ago. As we were unpacking we found a lot of stuff we weren't ready to unpack (seasonal stuff, keepsakes, etc) so those boxes go into the attic. Before I did, I took a snap shot of the contents and the outside of the box (most of them had an identifying mark) and then entered the contents as text into the note. Now in the Spring when I need to find shorts or my sandals, Evernote I go! Search for my item, look at the pics to make sure that's what I really want, then go up to the attic and find the box. Sigh... what a relief! Ok, back to work for me.
  10. Its so easy and you'll be a hero. I started doing this this year and it's been beneficial already. Throughout the year, as you window shop and talk with your wife (or husband, or girl/boy friend, kids, etc), track what she likes in Evernote. For example, we were at a store, she picked up this cute little hand bag and said "I love this!", i pulled out my phone, acted like i was texting a friend and took a snap shot of it. Used Skitch to highlight exactly what item she wanted, saved to Evernote and tagged it Gift and Wife. Now that Christmas is here, I have a short list of items she loves! Go me!
  11. Yeah, I love EN for my recipes as well. Thumbing through cook books at the store, sneak a snap shot of a recipe i like and catalog it. Boom, i'm off and cooking!
  12. I looovvveee Evernote, I could write a ton of different posts based on what I use it for. However, just last night I found a new use for it. I recently purchased a house (yes, I used Evernote for EVERYTHING during the fix up & move) and we repainted every room. Last night I was in my basement looking for paint for the trim and realized that if I had only cataloged it with Evernote I'd know exactly what I was looking for. So I went through the gallons of paint that I have, took a picture of the top of the can, which includes Home Depot's paint info. I took a snap shot of the info, tagged it Paint and the name of the room it was used (my 5 yr old's room is very pink!), and BLAMO, I now know, forever, what paint i used where. No fear of running out and then trying to rematch it. AWESOME!
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