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  1. On my android, I have Barcode Scanner v3.6, which has a Send To option. From Evernote I can send a link to my post to the bar code and it generates a QR code automatically. From here it gets a little tricky though. I can't print directly from my phone, and if I save the image it's just the QR code, no reference to what it goes to. If I save it back into EN, it includes the QR code and the destination link, and I can add a comment so I know what it is. From my desktop, take the QR codes and print them off! It's a little redundant (EN to QR to EN to PC to PRINT) but I think it's faster/easier than going to another website to create the QR codes.
  2. It kind of falls under Craft, but on a much larger scale. I use EN for everything around my house track paint colors/names for each room snap shot something, add text for what I need to fix it and go to home depot. i can show the HD staff what I'm talking about easily "Oh, you need a..." Using Skitch with Evernote I can draw out initial ideas and concepts for around the house, even take a photo and draw on top of it. I stripped a wall, ran wires through for TV and then before finishing it off I took a snap shot so I know where the wires are in the future track what kind/size of filter my furnace uses As I do small DIY projects i'll catalog what I'm doing as I do it, snap shot it and add notes. I have it available for friends and family who may want to do the same. I can also throw it up to my blog if I feel like really sharing.
  3. Its so easy and you'll be a hero. I started doing this this year and it's been beneficial already. Throughout the year, as you window shop and talk with your wife (or husband, or girl/boy friend, kids, etc), track what she likes in Evernote. For example, we were at a store, she picked up this cute little hand bag and said "I love this!", i pulled out my phone, acted like i was texting a friend and took a snap shot of it. Used Skitch to highlight exactly what item she wanted, saved to Evernote and tagged it Gift and Wife. Now that Christmas is here, I have a short list of items she loves! Go me!
  4. Yeah, I love EN for my recipes as well. Thumbing through cook books at the store, sneak a snap shot of a recipe i like and catalog it. Boom, i'm off and cooking!
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