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  1. I live in Evernote. Evernote is mission-critical to my business. Here's how they should have handled this situation: Send out an email to their 45M users before they configure the client to pop up a "change password" message. Maybe not everyone will have read that email before they use Evernote but at least Evernote will have made an attempt at warning them. The client message should say that the user needs to change their Evernote account password. It should not display the email address associated with their Evernote account with the wording "Your password seems to have changed...". That message is completely inaccurate and confusing to the ordinary user.
  2. As a software developer, I have two major complaints about Evernote that relates to its fonts. #1. I wish you would include the Courier font in the font pulldown menu on the Mac version of Evernote. I keep an enormous number of code snippets in Evernote and I like to have them in Courier. I always have to select an entire note, do Cmd+T, and then scroll down and select the Courier font for a note that contains snippets. #2. I wish we could set the default font for individual notes. Again, I can change the font for all of the text in a code snippet note to Courier but when I enter additional text, the font always reverts back to Arial and I have to go through the process outlined in #1 above. This is very annoying.
  3. Whatever this feature is called, I wish there was a way to turn it on in Preferences. It's really annoying to constantly have things popping up as you type. I really don't like it.
  4. Again, could the folks at Evernote perhaps link to a page that show a screenshot of the new color option described above? One respondent uploaded a jpg but it isn't clear how we can access it to view it. Thanks.
  5. I'm running EN 3.1.2 under OS X 10.7.4. Recently I've noticed a change in how Evernote handles a bulleted list which is rather awkward. If have a bulleted list that is two levels deep and have created a list item at the second level, if I wanted the next item to be on the first level, I used to be able to hit "Return" and then "Shift" + "Tab" and EN would create a new bulleted list item on that first level. Now, though, when I try to do this, hitting Return once creates a new bulleted list item at the same level but then hitting "Shift + Tab" just outdents without creating a bullet. I've found that I now have to hit "Shift" + "Command" three times to create a new bulleted list item at the first level. Was this an intentional change? It's rather awkward. Doing just "Shift + Tab" was a lot easier and more intuitive. Thanks.
  6. I just upgraded to OS X 10.7 yesterday and am currently using EN 3.1.2. Since the upgrade, I've noticed that when I'm typing in a note, occasionally a word or a list of words with a small "x" at the end will pop-up. I've not seen this feature before. Is this some type of new auto-completion feature? If so, can I select the word that pops up from the keyboard (good) or do I need to click on it with my mouse (bad)? For what it's worth, it seems to pop up just slowly enough that I've already typed past it by the time I see it so I'm not sure how useful it will be. By the way, I didn't see it mentioned in the Mac User Guide or in the Knowledge Base which is why I'm asking here. Thanks.
  7. ARRGGGGGG. Although I may be mistaken, I thought someone, maybe from Evernote, recommended deleting and re-installing Evernote to fix the problem. Well, I just did and that did not solve the problem. What's even worse is that all of my notes that I had in Courier 14-pt are now in Couries 13-pt which I do not want. I'm also experiencing problems with bulleting. (Note: I just found that I needed to change the default font in Preferences) Evernote is reeeeallly starting to piss me off and I'm looking around for alternatives. When you come to rely so heavily on an application, it has to be more stable than this.
  8. Is anyone at Evernote looking at this problem? It would be nice to get some acknowledgement from the developers that it is, indeed, a bug and that they will address it.
  9. This morning I allowed Evernote for Mac to upgrade itself to the latest release, v. 3.1.2. Ever since the upgrade, each time I start Evernote, I get the pop-up window, "Evernote wants to use your confidential information... in your keychain." message even if I click the "Always Allow" button. Is this a bug? Thanks.
  10. To C6REW, if you save your file to Dropbox, you'll be able to access that file from your note no matter which computer you're on so long as your computer is connected to your dropbox. As an aside to make Mac OS X users, when you create your note, drag-and-drop the file into the note to create a link to the file.
  11. Is it possible, and do you perhaps have any plans, to modify Evernote so that we can assign the same name to two or more sub-notebooks that each reside in different parent notebooks? For example: Project 1 Assets (<-- sub-notebook within Project 1 notebook) Emails Graphics Project 2 Assets Emails Graphics I use Evernote to manage projects and, from an organizational perspective, it would be very helpful if I could use the same notebook structure across all my projects. Currently, Evernote does not allow this. Thanks!
  12. I doubt that's causing this problem as I'm running version of TextExpander, 3.3.4.
  13. I've just begun using TextExpander for the Mac today. I've noticed that when I'm typing a note in Mac Evernote and I insert a snippet abbreviation, sometimes the abbreviation will expand into the desired text and sometimes it won't. Does anyone know why I'm experiencing this inconsistent behavior with TextExpander when using Evernote? Thanks.
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