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  1. There has been this annoying feature (which I suspect is a bug) in evernote now at least for 9-12 months I think. I have two important evernote notes that actually I use 95% of time using evernote. I created direct shortcuts to them from widgets "evernote shortcut" to my homescreen. Sometimes when I click NoteA shortcut it opens NoteB. When I go back to homescreen and touch again NoteA shortcut it again opens NoteB. The only way for me to get NoteB open is to navigate to it from evernote interface, which is slow. Sometimes (perhaps 10-20% of time) it works OK. Is this a bug or a "feature" ...? Btw. I use Galaxy S2 i9100, with android jellybean 4.1.2 and now with cyanogenmod 10.1.x and (jelly bean 4.2. something)..
  2. seems like it tries to sync something right in the beginning, it would be nice if there was some "fast note feature", where you can write a small note without waiting for sync, and after that it just appends the fast note to the end of the chosen note.
  3. Hello. I use Evernote in Android with Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100). I don't use attachments at all, only textual notes. Very often I have a situation where I just need to write some note quickly up to Evernote. Then I start it from Android and it is very slow/sluggish before I get to the note and can start writing. Is it equally slow in all the 3 platform or faster in some of them? Btw. I use a phone, not a tablet, so I am mostly interested about phone version answers...
  4. I can confirm this same problem all tab indents I have done in evernote windows are vanished if I choose "edit" from evernote android. Or actually second or third (or higher) degree indenting is converted to first degree indenting --> information loss. My desktop evernote version is, android version is 3.2.3 build 201284. When you fix this please add also the ability to do second or higher level indenting to evernote android. Now I really cannot do appropriate editing in android, just reading the notes.
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