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  1. As far as where stuff is, a lot of that depends on platform. We don't start with the Windows client and figure out how to port onto the other platforms. We're aiming for some more consistency, but we essentially start over on each platform and optimize for that platform.

    I'm okay with "we essentially start over on each platform", but it would be nice if teams would inform each other about their independent solutions to problems to avoid cross-client interface inconsistency. "Independent" need not mean "incommunicado".

    I have some vague impression that the company wants to provide more interface consistency, and I encourage that. Multi-client users would like to be able to transfer habits back and forth between/among clients. I also understand there are plenty of suggestions that need evaluation before development happens.

    My personal nitpicks about Windows/Mac client inconsistency are:

    • The location of the dropdown list of notebooks in the note panel and window. They are literally on opposite edges of the panel in the two clients.
    • The method for removing tags from notes in that same panel. On Windows, the tag gets a little "x" on mouseover that can be clicked to delete the tag. On Mac, you have to double-click the tag, which reduces it to text which can be deleted.

    Since tagging note and moving them from one notebook to another are common tasks for me, these little things grow to be aggravating. I'm sure these are no big deal to plenty of other people.

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