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  1. hi wjpreston have to wonder if anyone from evernote is even looking at these. my comment has been up a couple weeks and u r only response. i consider this to be a major bug .. almost a showstopper. al
  2. love the product for software flowchart sketches. i usually have a default setup (pen thickness, color, etc) and one or 2 SPECIAL setups (thickness, color, brush). i go back and forth between these constantly. it would be nice to have 2 or 3 SET buttons .. like the radio buttons on a radio or the car seat SET buttons. hitting the 1,2 or 3 would reset the pen/color/brush. could have a SAVE button which if hit first loads the next NUMBERED button. ie: save set1 set2 set3 (all circle buttons to right of current set) would really be helpfu
  3. i have the same problem. its an important bug. i LOVE the product for software flowcharts ... but i am always moving sections of the sketch around. more and more artifacts are left laying around. these are easy to erase ... but the destination is also missing some detail. please fix this.
  4. hi i love penultimate. there are tons of sketch apps and i've tried many of them. penultimate is the best because its simple and easy to use and because of the great evernote and dropbox integration. HOWEVER ... there is a really annoying bug. i'm using the apple IPAD PRO with apple PENCIL. when i surround a part of a sketch and move it ... little bits and pieces are left behind. this is really annoying and almost renders this great APP useless. any plans on fixing this? thanks al
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