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  1. I'm not a big fan of Microsoft either but I've been really impressed since I moved over to Onenote, they've done a really good job. In fact now I've used it for a few days I've realised I'm getting many more features than I was for Evernote and all for free well worth the move. Im using it on iPhone, iPad and PC. They provide an Evernote to Onenote transfer tool to help as well.
  2. Microsoft have released an Evernote to Onenote tool which makes it very easy to transfer all your notes.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation gazumped. I'll do as you suggest and raise a support request.
  4. How do I go about adding separators to the toolbar? If I go into the “customize toolbar” option I see a separator option but when I drag it up to the toolbar it places something else there instead. It appears to be a space but if I click in the blank space a little blue rectangle appears. I’ve created a screenshot but when I attempted to attach it to this post it said I’ve exceeded my allotted disk space. How do I about freeing up my disk space so I can upload it? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Sentinel. Lets hope they get round to this.
  6. Hi Sentinel, Thanks for the reply. It's a shame the tags can't be viewed by hierarchy, especially after i'd spent so much time on the desktop organising them. The real problem though is not being able to view the tag names. I don't understand the reason behind this, overall the iPad is pretty well designed in my opinion but in this area it falls short. Why have 2/3 of the screen empty and then squash the important stuff onto the side preventing the information from displayed fully? Doesn't make sense. I'll just have to carry on doing what i've been doing then and just go through clicking on the tags until I find the one I want. Thanks
  7. Hello, I have a couple of problems with viewing\using tags on the iPad. The most serious one is that I can't seem to figure out how to view the tags properly. If I go into the tags section I can see the beginning of the tag names but they are all squashed up all on one side of the screen and the rest of the screen is just unused grey space. I've tried dragging the tag section across into the empty area but it doesn't work. As you can see in the screen grab I have a lot of tags that start of with the same word so it's not possible for me to know which is the correct tag i'm after unless I can see the name of the tags. The second is that my tags are just appearing in alphabetical order rather than via hierarchical order as I have it set on the desktop. How do I get the tag hierarchy showing that I've set-up on the desktop? Thanks
  8. I forgot to come back to report on this issue. A couple of days ago support finally managed to fix my sync issues after all this time so i'm very happy now. My problem wasn't fixed by the 5.0.1 update but was caused by a ghost notebook that has now been exorcised. Burgers I completely disagree and its still something i'm having to resolve even now. As I said you don't have all the information.
  9. How can you make a statement like that without knowing all the details? I'm still trying to determine exactly how far afield my notes have ended up myself and i've been chasing this up for a while. I wanted these notes to stay on my home computer for a reason. Not only have they gone up into the cloud on the Evernote servers, they synced down to my work computer, they've been backed up onto the universities file server and apparently I found out the other day they are also on some US backup cloud server as well. So when I say my files have been scattered around that's what I meant. I'm battling at the moment to try and get the sysadmins to remove any trace of these notes from their servers and also find out where else they have been backed up to on the internet. Maybe you can answer a question for me. If someone got hold of all my notes can they be simply be opened in Evernote? If they are strongly encrypted it would put my mind at rest that at least they would have some kind of protection even though they are out of my hands. Picard how are you getting on?
  10. Hey Picard, Just so you know it took weeks before I heard anything back from support. I wish I had some good news to tell you but there's no fix unfortunately. All my private financial documents that were meant to stay on my home computer are now scattered on the web and on my work computer. The next step is to open a new email account and then a new evernote account and then start testing with that one.
  11. No I don't want two notebooks with the same name. I just want the one single offline notebook on my home computer. This was how I had it for years up until a month or so ago. When the "offline" notebook started syncing it did create an online version of the same notebook with the same name, but that's because of this bug, not because I wanted multiple notebooks called the same thing. Once I ended up in this situation that's when I renamed the offline notebook to something else and then deleted the online version. The problem with this is that after a period time it starts uploading it again. Anyway this problem has been eclipsed by this second problem that i'm now having where it's just stopped syncing altogether. Still nothing from support since 15th August. Thanks GrumpyMonkey
  12. Things are just getting worse and worse with this. It's been going on for so long now and no-ones seems to be able to help. I've not heard anything from support since the 15th of August, and that was just a suggestion to give version 5 beta a try (it didn't make any difference). I was also told they would speak to the devs but I never heard anything back about that either. Things have got progressively worse and Evernote has basically stopped working now. It won't even sync. Any notes I create on my desktop just sit there and don't make it up to the cloud,laptop,phone etc, so at this point the software has just become usable as I can't access my notes. Bnf I've renamed the finance notebook a few times but it doesn't make any difference.
  13. I’ve just taken another look at Evernote in preparation of taking some screenshots and I forgot that I renamed the online version of the finance notebook to “finance-online”. This currently has a number of notes from the offline notebook finance but far from all of them at the moment. I’m not sure it would give you any useful information at the moment as they are currently called different things and have a different number of notes in them.
  14. Hello, EN support got back to me and have suggested I uninstall Evernote and install a later version, which i've now done. I can post some more screenshots if it helps but what is basically happening is this. I create a local notebook on my home computer called Finance. This holds all my financial documents that I don't want uploading to the cloud and copying to my work computer. This is something that i've had around for a few years and its never been a problem until recently. What happens is that after a while (days or weeks) this notebook will start to upload it's notes as if the notebook is an online notebook. The Evernote Portal and Evernote on my work computer create a notebook called Finance automatically and it has a green online notebook icon while my home computer continues to have an offline gray icon. Then my offline notes in the finance notebook at home start to get synced up to the cloud and then down onto my work computer. The other thing i've noticed is that the word (local) keeps getting appended to the offline Finance notebook on my home computer. I'm guessing this is because when it tries to sync it's already seeing an existing notebook called the same thing so it appends (local) at the end. I've seen it end up with over a dozen (locals) added on before i've renamed and removed them. gbarry, thank you very much for that. The first warning I get when my offline notebook goes online is that all my monthly usage gets used up so this will help.
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