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  1. My problem is that it sometimes works and at other times clicking on the Web Clipper icon does not work - it's not consistent. Any new developments?
  2. I think this is double-speak from Evernote. How in the world do we change our FORUM password when it is the SAME as the Evernote password that I changed not long ago? Why don't people and companies give us some honest advice and answers today?
  3. mac (Archived) Sync using Lion

    I have Evernote running on Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro and installed Evernote on a new MacBook Air with Lion. With Apple Supports help I ended up removing all my login items and have been putting them back. When I have Evernote as a login item and the Air goes to sleep, it does not wake properly and when I try to use the trackpad there are grey squiggles on the screen. I can get rid of this and get to the login window by closing and then opening the cover. So have removed Evernote as a login item for now. Has anyone experienced this?