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  1. Seems like it was an "escape", not a "release". I can't get my business notes to sync. I can't transfer notes from my personal notebooks to my business notebooks. I am a heavy Evernote user, very experienced. Very disappointed with this.
  2. I'm getting this error as well. So far I am the only one dealing with these notebooks, no second user. Very frustrating. I have not yet, in a week since converting to business, been able to sync my business notebooks properly. I have only 4 out of 279 or so notes syncing in my default business notebook. I get the "client side" error. I get Evernote Windows crashing completely. It tells me that it is synced when it is not. Very disappointing. Support has not been helpful. They suggest it is something to do with my tags, but nothing constructive has been offered to fix it.
  3. BTW, you can import from a mapped network drive (currently into the personal folders only). Even though Evernote will only let you browse to a folder on your hard drive, if you select a dummy folder initially, then you can click on it after it is entered and manually change it to a mapped drive/folder. I've been doing this for ages (in the Windows version).
  4. I love using Evernote to collect recipes. No matter where I come across a recipe, I can send it to Evernote. In a library book? Take a picture. On a discussion group or a mailing list? Forward to Evernote e-mail address with subject line filing and tagging. On the web? Evernote bookmarklet. I don't do a lot of tagging, just minimal. I can make notes as to substitutions or changes made as I go along. No matter where I am, I can look up a recipe. I cook for multiple allergies, and can quickly tag whether a recipe is gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, etc. so that I can browse for something that works later on down the line. I have lots of recipes on the computer in other formats, but Evernote is the first place that I look. pdw
  5. The tools in my NaNoWriMo toolbox are: - Evernote (all devices) for research and quick notes. I don't have highly developed character sketches or plot structures. - MindJet Connect (all devices) for outlining/mindmapping for quick reference (some material repeated or copy/pasted between evernote and MindJet.) - Roughdraft on the PC and Notebooks on the iPad/iPhone, kept in sync via dropbox - "Write or Die" to force me to focus and write quickly instead of pondering over my words. 500 words in 10 minutes or 750 words in 15 minutes is what I usually set it for. Currently only using this on the PC, but it is available on the iPad as well. This is my second year of NaNoWriMo. The first year I just used Word/Writer. pdw
  6. pdw

    k-12 Homeschooling

    I have found Evernote very helpful this year in our homeschooling. I currently have nine notebooks in my homeschool stack. Of course these can be shared with my son as necessary so that he can access them on his netbook as well. I have a general homeschool notebook for everything that doesn't fit into other notebooks - quotes, articles, ideas for the future, etc. I have a notebook for receipts (as we can claim reimbursement for some things). I have a notebook for this year's planning notes (goals for the year, outlines of each subject, break down of units, etc.) I have a notebook for this year's work that does not fit into other notebooks. I have a notebook with resources that I want to remember or look into for the future, and pictures of the covers of books that we are using right now (because my mind always blanks when someone asks what we're using for _____ subject.) I have a "logs" notebook, to keep track of what we're doing covering, sort of a journal. The best notebooks, however, are the units/unit study notebooks. What a simple way to keep notes together, scrapbook/lapbook, bookmark resources, and produce a record of what you have done for a unit. As we are doing research, I can clip web pages. If we have questions to look up, want to make notes of what we have learned from a book, etc., we can add a note. If we are out on a field trip we can take pictures. My son is very visual, and we often start with a google image search, and I find the Evernote printscreen capture a great way to capture both the initial results of a search, and more detailed pictures that we find later. It is great to be able to use Wikipedia or Dictionary.com to look up the answer to a question, highlight the appropriate section, and clip it to Evernote to document it for later - both to refer to if we need to refresh our memories, and as proof for our teacher/facilitator of what we have been learning. I also have a "vocabulary" notebook for words that we look up while reading or working on other subjects that don't fall into the unit notebooks. A quick dictionary.com search to look up the word (I have a Quick Search set up in Firefox so it is almost instantaneous), highlight the answer, and use my Evernote bookmarklet to file it in our notebook. Great for vocab review or proof of learning. pdw
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