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  1. I was just searching for the same capability. Based on the topic (for example planning a graduation), a single note might be shared with a few Evernote users, but it does not warrant setting up a unique notebook. Document (or note level) shares is something Google docs does well, and Evernote leaves unaddressed. I would imagine a solution where a note could inherent the notebooks share, and then supplemental shares for a note could be added on.
  2. I had grown reliant on Skitch - shame on me. What a destruction of an other wise wonderful piece of coding: No longer can drag-drop to PowerPoint No longer can save as PDF The intuitive interface is gone It is like Evernote took a swiss army knife and said "Here use this stick instead" The improvements to 2.0 are a sorry effort. One needs to look elsewhere, but it was a nice ride while it lasted.
  3. How about this as an example: