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  1. I'm really happy with the reminders in evernote. But a few days ago, I have been tested google keep and their option to trigger reminders by location. This makes reminders much more useful and intuitive. Google keep is very limited in editing and sorting but this little feature is amazing. Hope to see something similar in a future evernote version. Hope this request hasn't been made bevor.I didn't find something similar.
  2. There are some apps which can help: Super Video - with this you can watch videos and also Youtube videos in a popup screen OverSkreen - a popup browser Aircalc - a popup calculator hope this helps greetz
  3. I found a strange behavior in working with tags: i have tagge some notes with tags like: .S. Math i try to search my notes with this tag by typing the first letters of my tag. Then i do a long press on the suggestion .S. Math and select "edit before search". The searchbar shows me now: "tag:.S. Math" and i typ some other words to specify my search. If i hit the search button, evernote shows me all my notes with the selected tag an the words BUT just a few seconds and then every note disapear. I tried it with different types og tags and i think the problem is, that those tags habe two or more words in it. If i select the tag from the andvanced search everything work fine. I don´t think it´s a bug, just the way evernote handle the queary. It would be nice if someone can clarify me greetz EDIT: I made a few more test and now i´m sure the problem is related to multiple words in a tag. If i search it this way tag: ".S. Math"everything wokrs fine so in my opinion it´s a bug
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