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  1. Hi all, The current editor in OSX has no text margins at the top and bottom of the editor window. The text lined against the top and bottom part of the editor window. This just does not feel right. Not sure if it also applies to the Windows and Web clients I would like to request a white space / margin at the top and bottom of the editor window. For a good measure I would like the left and right margins to increase as well. This will increase the readability of the editor window. Best, Robert
  2. Hi all, I have another feature request. The current editor allows me to choose fonts, sizes and colors. This is very flexible but also slow to use. I rather would have a set of defined headers to choose from. Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3 etc. It can also include useful text templates like "fixed width" and quotes (indented, different background color, etc.) Best, Robert
  3. Hi all, I use Evernote quite a lot to make meeting minutes. To effectively do that I need to be able to format while typing. One of the most useful automatic formatting shortcuts are creating lists. So when you enter a * (bullet) as the first character on a line together with a space which you follow with text and close it with an enter would create a bulleted list. Same applies for numbered lists. You enter a 1 as the first character and it will create a numbered list after you close with an enter. As far as I know most word processors use that convention as well. So if anyone from Evernote is reading this than please add this to the wish list. Thanks! Robert
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