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  1. I just started using my dashboard recently so it's a work in progress. I keep alternating between a "bullet"-style journal, but sometimes I get annoyed having to set up weekly pages. So I created this Dashboard template. I have notes in various places but this is my summary page; everything for this week gets copied here so I can view my week and tasks at a glance.
  2. I used to spend lots of time gathering recipes from the internet and then either printing to PDF or copying and pasting into Word. But I didn't find that to be the best solution because searching was slow, and I had to switch between two different apps. Now, I use the web clipper and save to a "Recipes" notebook. I have tags for general categories like "desserts", "bread", "appetizers", etc. I also have a tag that is "Our Favorites" so I can easily find the ones that we've tried and liked enough to make again.
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