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  1. Scanning your cookbook index pages is a brilliant idea! Great way to keep track of recipe you have on hand, even if they aren't stored in Evernote themselves!
  2. My friends and I recently had Brunchapalooza! It was an awesome event with a lot of delicious food (lavender polenta cake, corned beef hash, goat cheese quiche, mango mimosa floats!) and as usual, everyone started asking for everyone's recipes by the end of it. So I set up a shared Evernote notebook for party recipes so that each guest could submit their recipes and pics of the event (in addition to the ones I took with Evernote Food). I don't know why I didn't think of this months ago. Does anybody else share recipe notebooks with friends or family and if so, how's it working out and how is it set up?
  3. I have 1007 recipes in my evernote cookbook, "A Moveable Feast." I include tags, pictures and links to recipes I find online, or make myself. I've made it publicly available and a lot of my friends and clients use it as well. You all can get to it here. Enjoy!
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