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  1. I'm having a problem that went away, then came back with this beta. I right click a note and select "copy note link" and it starts a sync (which shouldn't be necessary as I'm not asking for a share link) and the sync never finishes. Windows 7/64bit. I too am unable to launch Markup. McShield antivirus is on (corporate build, I can't turn it off). Is another beta forthcoming soon? I'm missing the ability to markup notes and I'd uninstalled Skitch when Markup was working.
  2. I'm getting an application lockup (Not Responding) during sync. I'm on version .1188 though I had it in the previous as well. It happens at every sync. I have 5,000 notes about 800 of which are business notebooks and are shared. The lockup seems to occur when the "synchronizing joined notebooks" starts and persists until the sync is finished. This occurs whether I manually trigger the sync or it does so automatically. It seems unlikely that it's related, but I mention it just in case: before I upgraded I had an issue wherein whenever I attempted to copy a link (not a URL link for sharing) it would trigger a sync. In fact my frustration with this is the reason that I did the upgrade. I'd previously tried Evernote 5 but it was far enough from being ready for prime-time as to be obstructive to my work-flow; fortunately things are much farther along and it's mostly usable (though I still would like some sort of visual indication of what is a personal and what is a business notebook as well as which have been shared and which haven't).
  3. Could you post a screenshot? I pulled up a few PDFs with text below and they weren't cut off Sorry, I can't. There were too many issues working with Business notebooks in the beta and the cut-off items were the straw that broke the camel's back. I couldn't continue to do my work so went back to the release version of 4. Is there any way to run the beta as well as the release version on the same PC? I'd still be interested in testing but I can't have it be my primary interface at the moment.
  4. The beta is cutting off the bottom of notes, particularly if there is a PDF attached. I'm losing all text below the PDF
  5. Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere, my eyes were starting to bleed from reading through the posts. I do like the concept of co-mingling the business with the personal as it makes scrolling through lists of notebooks easier since they are sorted but there needs to be a visual cue of some sort differentiating the types. AND- Why when I'm adding a notebook to a business stack is it created as a personal notebook? That's just plain not smart. Flat is fine, but how about we offer a darker theme and please do something so we can tell types of notebooks apart. Oh, and bring back the ability to put shortcuts on the toolbar. I have hundreds of notebooks; having to scroll to the top to get to Shortcuts is not smart design.
  6. I think I see where you're going here-- This is really only pertinent in the mobile apps where the filter process is less robust. Pick a notebook, then see just a list of tags that are in THAT notebook. Of course in the desktop apps this is easy, but in the mobile apps it doesn't work that way as the only way to see a list of tags is to see a list of ALL tags.
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