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  1. BINGO. The URL's could be hashed in a new column in the evernote backend. Then the evernote clipper would be allowed to re-clip the same note at the browser or client end. When the new duplicate clip is received, it's URL can be hashed and compared to the existing hash table. If the clip is a duplicate, the new clip should be discarded. It's as simple as that, no user interaction is required. Though as mentioned in some of the posts above, it would be nice if the clipper's color could be changed to different color after clipping, at least that way, if you came back to an open tab that you've already clipped (at least in the same browser session), you'd know that you already clipped it. No back end to client communication is necessary for that. The web clipper could maintain a session based ephemeral flag for URL's clipped in the current browser session, or it could maintain a permanent local hash set in a local webclipper db. /rant on BTW IMHO "it's too hard" isn't an answer that I would expect from "evangelists". An evangelist is defined as a person seeking to convert others to their religion. How useful is it for an evangelist then to resist product suggestions by saying "it can't be done that way" or "it isn't possible". It is possible and it can be done, should be their attitude. Now mind you I understand that there are many many product feature requests from consumers that are simply inane, superfluous, or not possible from a business economics perspective. This particular feature isn't one of those. /rant off
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