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  1. I think evernote is doing everything possible to prevent its users from opening cases. I went to that link and it says thanks for logging out. Then I log in, go through verification process and again puts me in the same loop about thanks for logging out. 2 browsers so far - wonderful support indeed! Do they have a phone number i can call or email alias?
  2. attached but when i take a screenshot, the menu bar for selecting bullets disappears As you can see, I can add to the current bullets which is the period form but if I go lower down the note and try to create a new bulleted list, I'm only offered the square option and not a period
  3. Folks - On android a past updated allows me to only enter in bullets as a little square box and no longer as a period sign which is possible in the windows version. Any way to get back to the period sign so all my notes could look uniform? Thanks
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