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  1. PLEASE BRING BACK GRID VIEW and fire the person who changed it only to an expanded list of all notebooks.
  2. Hi, What has happened is in your Apple Contacts App on your Mac, there is now a Contact called "Evernote . . . ." 1. Launch Contacts 2. Search for "Evernote" 3. Delete the contact 4. Quit and Restart your computer. 5. Relaunch Mail * If your Contacts are synced with iCloud, then you have to turn off Syncing Contacts with iCloud before you delete the Contact. Then Restart your computer and turn iCloud Contacts back on. Hope that helps. On occasion this has happened to me where another word has taken over in my mail program in the "To' column. It's always a contact that has to be removed. Cheers, Gayle
  3. I am using a Macbook Pro [mid 2012] and just updated to Yosemite. I am using Mac Mail for my email management. In the second column of the Inbox email pane, I have selected "TO" for sorting my incoming emails. I have several mail accounts. All the email that was sent to my main email address is now listed as "Evernote Upload". What is going on? This is really annoying. Please help! I want my email address to show up not "Evernote Upload"! I thank you in advance for anything you can tell me that will fix this. Gayle ;-)
  4. Thanks for you support! Now we just have to get Evernote to agree ;-)
  5. I am starting to have a lot of notebooks and would love to be able to have a visual graphic "notebook cover" for each one (e.g. a photo, etc.) to help me quickly distinguish between them. I tried a work around by making a note with a photo in it and naming that note "A". Even though I can sort my notes within a notebook by Title, in the "Notebooks" home view, the thumbnail on each notebook is of the most recent note created, not the first note in sorted in the list. Being able to design a notebook cover would be a wonderful organization feature for the visually oriented!!!
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