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  1. I've been using Evernote for years. mostly on the Mac and on Android. I recently started using OneNote at work because Evernote was not available. I was very impressed; the user interface on the Windows version of OneNote is superb, even Mac-like. So I tried using OneNote on my Mac and Android phone for a couple of weeks. I gave it up and reverted to Evernote because The user interface on the Mac, while more visual than Evernote, is not sufficiently better. The Android versions of both of them are adequate, but not great. But my real point is that the tighter
  2. Here is a kludged mac work-around Create an empty note - the title is not important; I usually use "EmptyNote" Merge that note with the note(s) you want to print. Make sure EmptyNote comes first Note: the original notes(s) and EmptyNote will be moved to the trash. Print the newly merged EmptyNote. The title of the first note (EmptyNote) will not be printed but the titles of all the other notes will Now for the painful part: Restore the original notes from the Trash and, if you'd like, delete the merged EmptyNote. Delete the merged and original EmptyNotes from the Trash. (not necessary but it s
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