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  1. I've been using Evernote for years. mostly on the Mac and on Android. I recently started using OneNote at work because Evernote was not available. I was very impressed; the user interface on the Windows version of OneNote is superb, even Mac-like. So I tried using OneNote on my Mac and Android phone for a couple of weeks. I gave it up and reverted to Evernote because The user interface on the Mac, while more visual than Evernote, is not sufficiently better. The Android versions of both of them are adequate, but not great. But my real point is that the tighter integration of OneNote with Windows, i.e. the OneNote printer driver, is a significant game-changer. Being able to easily store anything into a note-taking app is a real boon at work. I hope Evernote implements something like that in its products. Printing to PDF is, in my humble opinion, just a poor workaround. By the way, OneNote for Mac does not have a printer driver either, though I think you can drag-and-drop PDF files into it. I have lots of opinions about the difference between the two, but I'll stop here.
  2. Here is a kludged mac work-around Create an empty note - the title is not important; I usually use "EmptyNote" Merge that note with the note(s) you want to print. Make sure EmptyNote comes first Note: the original notes(s) and EmptyNote will be moved to the trash. Print the newly merged EmptyNote. The title of the first note (EmptyNote) will not be printed but the titles of all the other notes will Now for the painful part: Restore the original notes from the Trash and, if you'd like, delete the merged EmptyNote. Delete the merged and original EmptyNotes from the Trash. (not necessary but it saves space). If you want to avoid using evernote web space while doing this, turn off synchronization while you are doing the above. On the plus side, you can print several notes with headers at once this way.
  3. Ditto It can be a little tricky to find the unmerged notes in the trash folder. Reording the Trash by note title worked the best for me.
  4. Workarounds that didn't work(Don't try these at home, like me, you would be wasting time which could be better applied to other tasks). I tried various workarounds to add "meta data" - none of which worked to my satisfaction. Evernote web clipper offers a comment fields when you use it, but this just seems to show up as part of the note content, not a special field. If this is sufficient this "meta data" can always be added later but, again, it shows up as part of the note text/data. I then tried to add it using the new "reminder" function (with a date far in the future so the "reminder" will never be sent). That did not work either as adding a reminder does not seem to provide (on my Mac, at least) a way to enter text; it only allows a reminder date to be sent.The Prince of Workarounds
  5. Syllogism Lists are incredibly useful for organizing information Evernote s**ks at handling lists Do not use Evernote to handle lists The best list handling software I've seen so far is checkvist. It has too many nice, well thought-out features to describe but I'll just mention easy rearrangement of lists easy control of list entry hierarchies easy expansion and contracting of hierarchical list entries easy and non-intrusive access to help text if you can't figure out how to do something and many, many more Note: I don't work for or have any connection to checkvist except as a customer. Like evernote they have free and paid accounts and while I could probably get by with a free account, their cost (like evernote's) is so reasonable that I'm glad to support them. I do get the impression that the team is just 1 or 2 folks programming away somewhere in northern europe and I really admire what they do. Their only drawbacks are they do not have an offline client they only handle lists and while you can fit a lot into lists, there are many other forms of information I may take that last statement back - evernote itself can be thought of as a list with notebooks being the level 1 entries and notes the level 2 entries. Anyway - my suggestion is that checkvist and evernote merge. I'm not a big fan of corporate structure and I'm sure there would be some management and other style differences, but I think the advantages would be tremendous. Effective management of information has been a holy grail of computing for a long time (remember Ecco Pro). I hope evernote and checkvist decide to join the quest (Monty Python references welcome).
  6. My experience was a little bit different than all those above, and definitely stranger. I recently updated to Evernote 5. Today I noticed the back and forward buttons were no longer there. A little searching on this forum pointed me to a post that showed how to update to 5.02 (not yet available in the Mac App Store). I downloaded it and attempted to install it but got a lot of problems. I visted this post intending to back up my data, delete everything evernote related, and install the new version. Much to my surprise I could not find the ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote directory mentioned above. I did find two Evernote related directories under ~/LIbrary: ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote and ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.EvernoteHelper. I tried to save them in a zip file but it was taking too long so I simply moved them to a new directory, exBackup/, I created. The 5.02 installation then went (almost) fine. It installed correctly and downloaded all my current notes from the cloud. The only thing that is wrong is that it is not always using the evernote icon. It does start evernote helper correctly and use the right icon for that, but the evernote icon in the dock is incorrect. It's also incorrect in the Applications see-through pane you can invoke from the dock but does seem to be correct It in the applications finder folder. I'll try a reinstall. If that doesn't fix the icon problem, I'll try to fix them manually. As an interesting side note: there were a ton of very large files in ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote that had absolutely nothing to do with Evernote. It will be interesting to see if anything else breaks. By the way, those com.evernote directories are no longer around after the reinstall. Another side note: reinstalling did not fix the icon problem. I'll probably let it slide until the official Mac App Store release. Final, final side note: chossing "show in finder" from the dock icon popup menu seems to have fixed the dock icon. Still messed up in the see-through window, though.
  7. I use a Mac and found the update by following a link in Jacalicious' post above.
  8. Thanks, Jack(oliciious). I'm looking forward (and backward) to restoration of the back button when I successfully install the upgrade. I'm having some problems installing it over my current 5.0 installation but I'll figure those out. I'm sure there is a way to safely uninstall and reinstall without losing any current data.
  9. Addendum to my recent post: While the procedure I outlined above might seem more Evernote-approved, it is essentially equivalent to Art Taylor's post of 25 October which is, in my opinion, better. The procedure I outlined seems to to nothing more than creaate a symbolic link in "~/Library/PDF Services". The link name is what is displayed in the PDF dialog and my procedure does not allow that link name to be specified - it ends up as "Evernote" or "Evernote.app" and that is what is displayed. Art's suggestion, entering ln -s /Applications/Evernote.app "~/Library/PDF Services/Send to Evernote" from a Terminal window puts the more meaningful "Send to Evernote" in the menu. I did not need any special permissions (i.e. su or sudo) to do thia.
  10. There are some excellent solutions here which I will probably implement. Meanwhile I did a QucikAndDirty Solution that seems to work: In any applications Print dialog select the PDF drop down menu The last entry on that menu should say "Edit Menu" Click it and it will bring up a standard Mac options dialog box Click on the + sign and the bottom of the list This should open a finder window, probably in the Applications directory Select "Evernote.app" from that window and click "Open" That's it. Now when I click the PDF button in a print dialog box, Evernote shows up as the last choice of the actions listed. On my machine it just says "Evernote", not "Save to Evernote" or any other phrase that might explain what it is doing. I don't know enough about Mac internals to fix that yet and, in any case, I'll probably switch to some of the more elegant AppleScripts posted here.
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