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  1. BurgersNFries - what a remarkably unhelpful response. Peter - thanks for your reply.
  2. I use Evernote for work to keep track of project meeting notes. Keeping track of notes and to-dos for multiple projects gets ugly at times, and I would love to have a way to mark certain lines in my notes that allow Evernote to automatically add those lines to a to-do list. Right now, whenever I lead or attend a project status meeting, I make notes in a specific Evernote folder for that project, and then I have to either open another note in Evernote or another app to duplicate that note into a to-do list to keep track of, specifically, those items that I need to follow up on. This is a redundant step, and one that really annoys me. I really need a way to mark certain lines in my Evernote notes that allow them to automatically get added to related to-do lists - either in Evernote or by way of a UI into another app - so that I don't have to spend time duplicating to-dos. Anyone know if this type of functionality exists in Evernote, what app could help with my situation, or a work-around that's really brilliant?
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