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  1. from April of this year..... I tried various advice and just made my problem worse. its probably my fault that this has been caused. I am getting wary of providing more publicly displayed contact info......I have a new ticket
  2. amanda H I havent recieved a support ticket number that I can find. Can you resend to rhettduke@gmail.com please
  3. Thank you DTLow, I have tried that but never gotten a response .....I am assuming they are replying to the bad email. I have even asked them to respond to my correct email. The one that "does not exhist" according to google. I feel like Im in an endless loop. I dont mean to be ugly....but there is no problem billing my credit card for premium service......I dont ming handling through the support portal....but i think its about time for some phone support. I am not certain...but I believe the two account situation started when I let Premium lapse for a year and then restar
  4. I have been an evernote user since 2010. Most of that time I have been premium. Somehow I have ended up with TWO evernote accounts . One is linked to my correct email that I have used for almost 10 years. The Premium account is linked to an email that is non existent. I can log into both accounts. I want to have one account that uses my correct email but when I try to change it....I get "email already in use" Evernote keeps trying to get me to verify the bad email address......of course I cant log into it ..... I believe evernote is sending emai
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