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  1. i agree.. when i updated evernote app, the synching with my mac was so bad.. i had to delete and reinstall evernote again.. not sure why the display is so bad.. can we just return to the previous version ..
  2. one look at the new layout.. i almost fainted.. and we cannot change the view? god help us..
  3. when i cut and paste information into a table, the information actual goes over to the column on the left. I have to manually readjust line by line to move the information back to the right column..
  4. Same for me.. MAC OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.1 Evernote 6.0.3 editing is not as good as previous version. Help!! :wacko:
  5. i recently upgraded the Evernote ver 6.0.3 and the changes floored me.. the background has gone white.. and you are right, editing is now a very painful process .. i could live with the previous editor but now, the latest version is terrible. In my notes, i usually use the - as a way to separate the next set of comments but this feature is now disabled.. How do we get it back? Can anyone advise if we can rollback to the previous version? I do all my office work relying on Evernote as my note app.. any advise?
  6. Like yourself, I am using Evernote extensively for all my work and information gathering. I also capture alot of photos and to help cut down the size of each photo, i create a table with say, 3 columns. By trial & error, you can adjust the length fro 100% to 85%. Once you load the pictures in each column, you will find the picture is adjust accordingly. if you want smaller picture, just add more columns. It will 'force' the picto be reduced.
  7. Hi everyone, I am a premium user of EVERNOTE.. and I use Evernote across the Mac (o/s 10.8.5), Iphone 4, Galaxy Note 2 and Ipad. I have noticed several bugs.. 1. There is no issue in synching the notes .. (Great) 2. I use Evernote daily for my work and here are some of the issues that I encounter : a. In creating tables, sometimes, i find a portion of the table is missing a portion of the columns and there is no way to remedy this. Example.. > Table of 7 rows with 5 Columns.. In the first 3 rows, you can enter data in the 5 columns. Then for some strange reason, in row 4 to 7, you suddenly find that you cannot use columns 4 or 5 as it is missing. b. When you Cut & Paste a portion of the data into any column - say coumn 5, sometimes you find that part of the data has shifted into Column 4. Actually, when you go to column 4, you cannot access the data. The data is actually still in Column 5 but when displayed, it seem to have been overlayed to Column. I usually fixed this by manually using the cursor and gently using the space bar to tab the sentence back within the column. ANyone else experiencing these 'bugs'? Its a little primitive but I am learning to live with it. Few Other questions : 1. Will Evernote consider having a "UNDO" function ? like when you suddenly delete something and want it back immediately? 2. Will Evernote consider having fixed columns ? 3. Will Evernote plan in their new releases to have coloured backgrounds for the whole Note or say, within the table? thanks rgds
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