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  1. Something for you who (as me) have quite large notes: 1. Opening them on my phone (android) takes quite a while (44 MB note). I mean, quiiiite a while - same issue for you guys? 2. Input in my 44 MB large file is slow. Really slow. There is a second of delay from when I've actually made the input on my keyboard, or marked some text, or doing anything in that particular note - same for you guys with large notes? I myself keep large notes because I wan't to keep a single book of text (and images) in ONE note - makes it much easier when searching for specific words in that course.
  2. May I ask how everything held up? I myself have large notes of a whole book in one note to make it easy and fast to search for specific points since they overlap each other (chemistry in this case). My note also contains a lot of images. My previous note on over +40 MB was so slow and the typing was "delayed", like stuttering. It would take a few seconds before input from my keyboard were registered in the note. I have Evernote Premium.
  3. Everyone! It seems to be fixed! I just tried with simpel text and it worked! But my notes with images (schoolnotes) needed to be transfered to OneNote with this tool: https://www.onenote.com/import-evernote-to-onenote The problem for me is that I can not copy/paste notes FROM OneNote -> Evernote without loosing formating as well as keeping it in the same position as it was from the beginning - everything is slightly pushed to the right (text only, not images) when posting it back into Evernote. Anyone tried other suggesstions?
  4. I am thinking of actually paying for the font (thanks TC for bringing up this issue!) since it looks awesome on my Chromebook (web Evernote) but sheit on my home PC (not web Evernote). But how do I "install it" so that it will be available among the options in Evernote?
  5. Did you solve it PaperQueen? I just noticed in one of my large notes from school where I have a lot of image attachments.
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