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  1. The web clipper for Firefox no longer does anything and when I open the desktop version of EverNote and press the Sync button I get a message in the Task Bar that say "Synchronization failed" and the Sync button shows a exclamation in a red box (see attached image) I uninstalled Evernote and reinstalled, rebooted and then uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled, and rebooted again. Still not working. If I create a note by hand, it does sync to the Evernote servers because I can see it on my phone. I tried changing options for the clipper to Evernote Web and then back to Evernote on your desktop, neither worked. I'm not sure where the problem is. but I assume the two issues are related. If anyone has any pointers I'd really appreciate hearing them. I love Evernote and am lost without this functionality.
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