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  1. Well, it's been a long wait, but from what PC Magazine described as Evernote's new user polices, pricing and restrictions, I doubt I'll be around much any more anyway when my current plan expires.
  2. Of course, this feature was implemented on the desktop. I use it often there, but it is of much more value on the Android app because of smaller screens. Ironically, it wasn't implemented on Android. On the desktop, I can see more of the note and scroll faster anyway. Not so on Android. So, here's how it goes: your product has evolved. That's a good thing. The original concept of short notes eventually added audio, photos, etc. And now I think users have also found other uses you didn't really anticipate--that standing, more-or-less permanent and longer text notes are useful, too. For me, to name one instance, I keep my ebook inventory on Evernote. It is fairly extensive. I had lots of problems getting this to work. First, I had to break the notes alphabetically by author down to small chunks (Like note "A" instead of note "A-L") because it is so slow and difficult to edit long notes on the Android app. First, Text entry slows to a crawl when editing. (This is a problem we've not discussed. I have a Note 4--it certainly has plenty of speed and memory. The problem is with the Evernote app's limited ability in handling longer notes...) PLUS, finally coming to the current issue, I couldn't find anything easily if, say, I wanted to see if X book was part of Y series. Where does X book appear? In what part of which note? When I had this organized more as A-L, that was a lot of text to move through. Or, even if I just wanted to go quickly to a certain part of the note, I couldn't. It is hard to find and scroll a long note EVEN when I know what I'm looking for--and sometimes I wouldn't. A word search often works better. It's just faster in landing at the right place if you have unique words that don't appear often. When, finally, I limited the alphabet coverage of each note to things like just "A," that certainly helped as a crude workaround. Assuming I remember who the author is, of course. And. It would still be easier to just do a quick word search and go right to the portion of the note i want, wouldn't it? And it would be nice if I didn't have to break these inventory notes now into 15 notes to cover the alphabet, instead of 2. As long as there is no search (and as long as that text entry slowness keeps degrading performance when editing longer notes), that's not possible. This workaround is ok. It's not perfect. It's always faster to go to unique words. I'd rather not do the workaround. It's clutter and imperfect.
  3. Well, please recommend it. I was very pleased to see my suggestion taken up (assuming it was mine that provoked the change) for the desktop. But if anything in the tiny, little screen size on the phones, it is more important to have it on the device. Thanks.
  4. Hi--some time back I complained about a lack of a search-within-note feature. I'm very happy to see that the Desktop app has adopted this for awhile. But unless I'm missing something, is it so that it is not available still on the Android app?
  5. I see that ICS now has a notebook widget. It claims on the opening page that it will sync to Evernote servers and is compatible. Except it doesn't seem to...and I don't see any way to link the two. Is there any way to do so? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks. I do like the feature set overall. I need things that sync to my phone and desktop and are available off line as well as online, which eliminates various other options and software (like Google Docs). I do need that in note search feature. You might consider it in the future. I just can't tolerate looking for something in longer notes without it, at which point, I have to stick with something that perhaps doesn't make as much sense for notes--Docs to Go. I just can't keep flicking screen after screen.
  7. I'm trying to search a long-ish note. I see that using the search ICON brings up all notes with the particular word I'm looking for. (Let's say for example it is "Hemingway.") It eventually highlights "Hemingway" within the document. But there doesn't seem to be any way to limit the search to ONE note. Nor when you search --although it highlights the word--does it take you to the place in the note where that word appears. So although I started knowing which note the word appeared in and which note I wanted to search in detail, I still had to weed out other notes I didn't want to search, and more importantly---it just brought up the entire note in question, forcing me to scroll down 10 screens to the highlighted word within the note I knew i wanted to search instead of taking me right to that point in the note. By comparison, if I search in Docs to Go or MS WORD, it takes me right to the word in the particular document I'm looking for. I can then hit "find again" or comparable command and it takes me right to the next such instance in that particular document, no scrolling required. Is there such functionality in Evernote? If not, it is a big flaw that eviscerates the ability to use longer notes.
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