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  1. Thanks Owyn. However I have 1 Evernote user and 2 windows user accounts. So only one Evernote database. Seems as if I am careful to keep only 1 windows user logged on, then it works fine.
  2. Yes, thanks. That makes senses. I have used that trick before - and I back my whole data drive every night with Acronis. I have dinked with it and I thought it was working but a notebook I create in one is not seen in the other although that notebook notes are in 'all notes'. So something strange. It happens even if one user is not logged on so it is not a cache thing. BTW, any idea what the .backup files in the databasesbackup directory are. They are all PDf's.
  3. Thanks. By local files I meant those marked as 'local' and not sync'd. So how do you actually go about moving the files or repointing them? When you set up Evernote it asks if you are a new user or have an account. When you say 'have an account', it immediately seems to sync to default location. Can you set it up so that it does not do that and before first sync and point at the old data in an alternate drive? My present issue is to repoint and not to move so I can point 2 Evernotes (diiferent users) on the same PC to the same data and use the same account. It sems to be working with the registry update above though. I will shortly be moving to a new build. How do I stop the same thing from happening and simply point at the data on the alternate drive? Much appreciated.
  4. I think that may be incorrect. Did you actually try it? That's why it took me a long time. That did not work for me. 1)That seems to be for local files only. It does not seem to repoint the whole database. You can test it by creating a new windows profile and starting Evernote in it. See what happens. Soon as you logon, it syncs to the user\appdata\evernote\databases directory. That might work when you set up your account the very first time. I think that's what I did initially, but after that I had an online account with data in it. 2)If you then try and change it in that tab, it tells you it may overwrite data. I was not willing to risk it. I think it might take the sync'd data from online and overwrite the old database that has local folders in it. So my way is safer. If it was that easy, why all these posts about backing up and moving data to new locations or new PC's? I was trying to share one database among multiple user accounts in Windows and I had to edit the registry to accomplish that. And I did not risk loing data.
  5. There is a really, really simple way to move (relocate) the Evernote database in Windows. It took me a while to figure out but seems like people are making it too complicated. If you want your database on a stick; or on a data drive or relocate due to storage contraints there is an easy way if you are willing to edit the registry. Do the following: * Close Evernote * Copy or restore your database with any standard tool to a desired location (keep the old data as a precaution) * Open Regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareEvernote * Export that key as a backup in case things go wrong. * There are 3 keys involved: EvernotePath AutoUpdateCacheCurrentXML AutoUpdateCacheCurrentRN * Modify them to your new directory *Restart Evernote Voila! Note that this method has allowed me to use the same Evernote database in 2 different User Profiles on the same PC. I switch backwards and forwards seamlessly. Usual caveats about editing the registry etc. This method enables you to go bak to the way you were if there is an issue.
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