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  1. I added some large images (12mb each) into a note on v7 on a Mac. They ‘appear’ in my iOS version, but they don’t show and I cannot open them.
  2. In the old ios version you could open a pdf in evernote and then tap on the magnifying glas to search. the option to search inside a PDF in v10 is now gone? Why???, this was such a useful feature. Please bring this back.
  3. How do I do this if my current version is from the Mac App store? First delete the mac app store version, then install the app from the website and then install v10 from the app store?
  4. I also seriously regret the lack of local notebooks in v10
  5. same issue, it has been an issue for several months now. where's the fix? i'm using os x sierra with chrome browser
  6. no i'm not seeing it on mavericks. it's only visible as a "non compatible" update, so i can't install it through the mac app store at the moment
  7. i should be a bit more specific: i downloaded evernote trough the mac app store. i could install a newer version (6.9.x), but not through the app store at the moment. so my question is, will a newer version become availiable in the mac app store as well?
  8. i'm stuck on OSX mavericks and can't update tot evernote 6.9.x can the bug appear again on 6.8? or will there be an update for mavericks as well?
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