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  1. Well y'all, I submitted a ticket, and the response has been definitive: This is an intended feature, and not a glitch. (If anything, Gazumped, that means you're the one experiencing a glitch! ) So for those following along at home, I wouldn't expect this behavior to change anytime soon. After some back-and-forth troubleshooting, Matt W. from the Support Team wrote me the following: "Thank you for getting back with me on this. This does look like a feature that had been changed in an application update at least two updates back and mine is also doing this as well. What I will be doing at this point is forwarding this off to the development team as a suggested change back to the way it was. While I can not promise that this will be changed back to the way it was previously, the development team does consider all feedback when coming out with future updates." Matt was very helpful, and I responded by actually asking that the Dev Team not roll it back, but rather give users control over what context they want their Shortcuts to display. I also pitched the best, simplest way I can envision pulling that off. I'm pasting in my proposal below. If you have constructive feedback (or respectful counter-arguments), I'd love to hear it. Anyway, thanks for your help and recommendations along the way, everyone! -Dan --- My proposal for editing individual Shortcut context behavior: "Since this was intended as a feature, I'm sure there are people becoming used to it -- if not fond of it -- at this very moment. And while I mostly find it cumbersome, I can also see that I might find it useful in certain applications. "Therefore, I wouldn't ask the Dev Team to consider rolling it back. Rather, I'd ask them to consider giving users the ability to edit this behavior of their individual Shortcuts (much like one can right-click on and edit Saved Searches when they're dragged to the Shortcuts bar). Then users like me who want more granular control over their Shortcuts could still have it. And perhaps if there were an option in the Options menu that lets users select a default behavior for all new Shortcuts (e.g. whether they display the context of their "home notebook" or All Notes), then those inclined to leave that sort of setting alone wouldn't have to fret, and they would still have the same UI experience they're having now. (The Devs could just have it default to the "home notebook" context upon install, and this aspect of Evernote would work just as it has for the past couple of updates.)"
  2. Word. Thank you for trying! I'm relatively sure that on my end, the problem does *not* exist between keyboard and computer. But I'd be happy to be proven wrong
  3. I did try it, and it definitely works, but it's not really ideal for me. I have tons of shortcuts, and I really don't want to make a Saved Search to replace every single one. Also, I like using the icons next to the shortcuts to help me quickly identify what I'm searching for, and this workaround would trade all of those in for the little Saved Search magnifying glass. Lastly, I have almost 2,000 notes saved, so almost any Saved Search is bound to pull up notes other than the one I'm looking for, even if I use super-specific search grammar. I did try your workaround for using custom tags, but unfortunately I seem to be getting different results than you. Tag-based shortcuts pull up that tag as the search context for me -- I'm not getting All Notes like you. I find it really weird and confusing that different people seem to be trying the same thing and getting different results!
  4. Negative, Ghost Rider. Apparently only Gazumped is authorized to bend the code of Evernote to his will. Is there any way to get the attention of an official mod, or get some support attention for this? I mean, besides jumping up and down and waving.
  5. Handy! In the meantime, has anyone else observed a discrepancy like Gazumped's, where they simultaneously have "All Notes" AND notebook context based shortcuts?
  6. Thanks for the workarounds, Jefito. That F6 will come in handy -- I wasn't in the habit of using that. My ideal, though, is still to figure out how to edit the notebook filters embedded in the shortcuts. That seems to be a new data layer that wasn't there before. I can see it being useful to me in certain contexts, but I want the power to edit it so I can deploy it on my own terms, you know? I still want most of my shortcuts to show "All Notes." Has anyone else gotten to the bottom of why Gazumped seems to be able to create shortcuts with an "All Notes" context while I can't? I'm willing to test just about anything. Thanks for reading.
  7. Well now I'm really confused. I tried your solution step-for-step, and couldn't replicate your results. Just to be extra sure I'm not ***** it up, here are the exact steps I took: Deleted "To-Do List" shortcut Synced, just to be sure Selected "All Notes" as the context/view Ran a search for "To-Do List" (quotes included) to pull up that specific note Tried two different methods for creating a shortcut from this point: Right clicking the "To-Do List" note and selecting "Add to Shortcuts" (After doing steps 1-4 from scratch) Dragging and dropping the note to the Shortcuts area Both times, the shortcut sets the context to the "Active Lists" notebook, rather than "All Notes." Crazy, right? It sounds like I'm doing exactly what you suggested. Are there any steps of mine that differ from how you approached it? Again, I'm using the latest Win client Beta, and getting the same result on two different Win OSes (XP and 8.1).
  8. Good theory, Gazumped! I just put it to the test and sadly it doesn't work for me here in the Win 8.1 client. Which is to say, I tried deleting and re-creating my "To Do" note shortcut, and regardless of the context of its creation, clicking it will always switch the context to that of the note's parent notebook (in this case, "Active Lists"). Which is to say, I can't seem to create any of the "All Notes"-context shortcuts you mention having. Perhaps do you remember creating some of those shortcuts across mutiple platforms? I see in your sig that you also use Evernote on Android. Perhaps different platforms create the shortcuts differently w/r/t this "context" stuff we're talking about?
  9. Hi there, With the recent Beta release of Evernote (I'm running [272632] Public), I'm experiencing a new behavior that's been a major annoyance. When I click the link to one of my notes in the Shortcut bar, the Note List now auto-updates to display only the notes in the same notebook as the one I clicked. The Search bar also auto-updates to show this new context. For example, let's say I'm displaying All Notes. I then click the shortcut for my "To Do" note, which lives in my "Active Lists" notebook. The Note Panel opens the "To Do" note, as it should -- that's the same as always. But now, the Note List will now display the "Active Lists" notebook, and the search bar displays "Active Lists" as the search context. I don't want Evernote to do this. It didn't used to, and it's driving me nuts -- I feel second-guessed. I just want to keep viewing the All Notes context -- I'll open up notebooks if and when I want to. Is there any way to disable this behavior?
  10. Hi all, First post. Sorry if this has been asked before, but a quick forum search didn't turn up any results. I experience a bug in Evernote (Win XP SP3) sometimes when e-mailing notes. (Note that I'm talking about using the "Send By E-mail" feature accessible by hitting the "E-mail" button, or right-clicking on a note and finding "Send By E-mail" under the "Share" context menu.) Sometimes -- and I can honestly never tell if it's gonna do it or not -- Evernote hangs after the send, with a wide progress bar on the screen that reads "Session Completed". If I close that progress bar (which is in a small window of its own), I find that behind it the original "Send By E-mail" dialog is still open. However, it's not refreshing -- there's usually a big white band of nothing where the progress bar used to overlap. If I "x" out of that window, I get an error box from Windows saying that Evernote has stopped responding. Pressing "End Now" in that dialog kills the Evernote program window, but the elephant icon stays active in the System Tray, and a new Evernote program window opens as normal if I click on the elephant. Stranger still, even when the "Send By E-mail" feature works correctly, I get a weird glitch. Upon a successful send, Evernote will randomly hand off focus to another program currently running on the start bar. For example, if I had calculator running in the background, then upon hitting "send" in the E-mail dialog box, Evernote would suddenly be backgrounded and calculator, which may have even been minimized, will suddenly pop to the foreground. I should note that in both of the above cases, the e-mail actually sends successfully, though in the Evernote crash scenario, I have occasionally experienced mild data loss if the autosave didn't write my latest note changes to disc. Has anyone else experienced this bug? Are the developers aware of it? Thanks for such an amazing piece of software. -Dan
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