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  1. No anchors so far. I can see how they'd be useful on the desktop, but I think much less useful across the mobile clients. This would contribute to how we prioritize the feature.

    Regarding the highlighting and other rich text options, yeah I know. We'll be working on it


    I was reading this comment again and it occurred to me that actually, anchors are probably more useful on mobile clients. They have smaller screens and thus being able to link directly to the specific section you are looking for (e.g. via a saved search or from inter-linked notes) would definitely be a win. Dlu- what is your thought process for saying that they'd be "much less useful" on mobile?

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  2. I just filed a bug on this (support ticket #282858) but in case anyone else experiences this or is searching for it, I wanted it to be public so as not to duplicate.



    EN Public release (Win)



    When creating a new note, if cursor is in the Title field of an existing note with some text highlighted, the new note will be created with an identical title and identical content.


    Steps to repro:

    1) create a note, title it "TEST NOTE 1"

    2) for the body, type:






    3) perform a sync

    4) now, position the cursor in the note title

    5) hit CTRL+A (select all) so the entire title is highlighted

    6) click the "New Note" button in the EN toolbar

    7) you will see a new (apparently blank) note is created but the title is already (incorrectly) set to "TEST NOTE 1"

    8) now click back to the original note for a moment, and then click again on the NEW note (2nd note you created)

    9) you will see all of a sudden, that new note has the same "one two three four five" content as the first note - even though you never typed anything into the body of that note.


  3. Another sad day - I just received this somewhat cryptic response from EN support:


    "We apologize for the inconvenience. We have reopened our internal bug report for revision.
    Unfortunately this is not something I can fix for you at this time. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
    Thanks for making Evernote a better product,"



    Uh... huh? So you re-opened the bug, but you're saying it can't be fixed? :wacko:

  4. Got this LAME reply from "support" telling me that "reinstalling may fix the issue" - really? I take the time out to submit a detailed bug report, including screenshots and steps to repro and all you can do is shoot back a canned response telling me to reinstall? That SUCKS Evernote.


    Hello (name removed)

    Thanks for contacting us again. 
    Reinstalling latest Windows release may address the issue that you reported. Please go to:

    *File > Exit
    *Run the "Control Panel" application, then go to "Programs and Features" ("Add/Remove Programs" in Windows XP).
    *Uninstall Evernote.
    *Reboot your computer.
    *Download the current Windows client:


    Thanks but I know quite well how to uninstall/reinstall applications. Now if you could please get back to the bug-fixing, us paying users would very much appreciate it!

  5. I submitted a ticket as well. It was accepted as a bug. But I did not get any info whether or when it will be fixed.


    Stuhrer what was the BugID or Ticket# that you got? I'd like to submit a report on this as well and want to reference the original submission if possible

    This bug still occurs as of v5.0.3.1616 on Windows. I am afraid EN's silence on this one means the bug is in a 3rd party component (perhaps Chromium) that they are using for rendering notes and that's why they can't fix it.  But- even if that were the case, a bug should be filed with Chromium or whoever owns that component so it can be fixed because as CircusSand said this makes it really difficult to use search.

  6. I would like to request an option (hidden in Registry is fine if EN thinks this wouldn't appeal to the masses)




    I am finding lots of notes are automatically having their titles changed to the 1st line of text in a note after editing them with the latest 5.x Windows releases. This is not only annoying & unwanted behavior but it also makes it difficult to search for information when I have relied on certain data being in the note titles.

  7. I filed a bug report on this issue YEARS ago when we were still on version 4.x

    Does anyone know if those old bugs have been carried forward into whatever new bug reporting system is being used now? (it was Fogbugz then). The old Fogbugz id# was 294465

    If this bug is stale maybe we should just open a new one. I don't even know if EN staff are following this thread...

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  8. Those are the problems - you nailed it:

    1) there is still no real competition to Evernote

    2) the company's priorities seem less about data integrity and user experience (bugs like this allowed to persist for years, decades old and long-since-deprecated encryption used on notes, lack of feature parity across platforms, constant UI fiddling to the users' dismay, etc) and instead they are focused on selling Evernote-branded moleskine journals :(

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