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  1. I share a couple of notebooks with a small team of 3. We use these as a kind of knowledge base. It works pretty well.


    One problem scenario however, is that all of us have "read/write" access to these notebooks. I put some quite important info in there sometimes and in my testing, they are able to (accidentally?) delete a note and it does not wind up in my trash. It is simply purged from EN completely. Is this the way sharing is intended to work? I would much prefer if notes deleted from a shared notebook (by any user) wound up in the "Trash" folder. Any comments?


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  2. I don't remember exactly when but I started requesting this type of feature well over a year ago:


    Not sure why but nobody seemed very interested in the idea -- To this day I think I am one of the few maniacs (as I assume the EN staff would call me) that cares to use >1 font within their notes. I am the type of deranged lunatic who likes to organize, beautify and style my notes consistently so that text stands out and is easy on my eyes when I go back to later recall things. I am just the kind of sicko who likes to click just One time when styling a block of text rather than Eleven.

    Apparently we are, with the exception of the few who have +1'd this thread, a minority within the EN user base.

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  3. Well, maybe he wants to paste just some text into MS-Word? In that case this would be an 8-step process

    • [*:j312axbn]select all
      [*:j312axbn]open notepad
      [*:j312axbn]select all (again)
      [*:j312axbn]open word

  4. I stumbled onto a little-known feature of Windows 7 called Federated Search. Basically it allows users to create "plugins" that integrate search results from web services into the Windows 7 Search bar. There are examples on these pages for Flickr, Youtube, Digg, Yahoo, etc. The thought occurred to me that if EN refuses to create a proper IFilter plugin to allow Windows users to search their local EN data via Windows Search, then at least maybe they could release one of these .osdx plugins to allow the WebService to be searched, returning evernote:// links that link back to the local notes. This is a little Kludgy but it could work. The two caveats would be:

    1) authentication (not sure Federated Search supports the type of Auth that EN requires)

    2) local notebooks would not be searched, since results would be coming from the EN web service

    Here are some links with more detail on Federated Search:

    http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/74 ... iders.html

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library ... 55(v=vs.85).aspx

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library ... 99(v=vs.85).aspx

    http://www.ampercent.com/federated-sear ... ws-7/7150/

    I briefly glanced at the Evernote API but I admit that I couldn't really determine if this would be possible. Is this another non-starter?

  5. This has been suggested many many times before. EN seems either decidedly uninterested in implementing it (seems like it would be quite trivial now that EN has direct inward URI linking capability) or they are just deciding not to comment on it. I think it's quite unfair since Mac users have unified search capability via Spotlight. Anyway, head on over to http://evernotevote.com and vote for "IFilter support to allow integrated searching of EN from Windows Desktop Search (start menu)"

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