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  1. 12 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    Are you sure you want to to participate in the beta testing process?

    I sure don't! I'd love it if this worked like it should. We pay to use the software. Not to test & debug it. The software should generally work. When it breaks, we should be able to report issues and get them handled in an efficient manner. Before new features are released, they should be heavily tested internally and pushed to the public after they are deemed stable instead of an outsourced development team tossing stuff over a wall and breaking things badly. This costs people time, energy, or worse—data loss.

    The whole process is extremely broken and has been for some time, probably since before Libin left. I realize most EN users are "free" users. I understand EN has to pander to the lowest common denominator and cut corners because there isn't enough revenue to support a proper dev & QA cycle. That is a business problem and one that I cannot solve nor have an answer for. What I do know is that if EN wants to continue to operate as a business, it must be addressed at some point or things are just going to get worse.

    Right now the alternative (using the ancient 6.11 version which has even more problems on newer OS'es) is worse. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  2. Have any of the bugs I've reported been worked on? In each release post you say some variant of "Let us know if you spot any issues" but then proceed to ignore the bugreports being sent by myself and others. It's like a trip to the insane asylum!  There are bugs that go all the way back to 6.12GA that have not been addressed. This is the 8th release in the bug-ridden 6.12/6.13 series.


    And now this. Why start a new thread for each one? The idea of using a forum for collecting beta feedback and bug reports is not wise. Either make a public bugtracking system so people can view the status of the fixes & not post duplicates of the same bug --OR-- just do away with the feedback forum altogether and stop pretending to care what the public thinks. The current system is maddening.



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  3. 2 hours ago, Chantal Leonard said:
    • Tables: Simplify Formating: The dev team is aware and investigating 
    • Code Blocks: Semi-colons no longer get added, we're tracking the issue with URLs being added 
    • Simplify Formating: We've made a choice to simplify content including code blocks. I'd be curious to hear about your use case is for simplifying code blocks. 
    • File links: thanks for reporting!  

    Code Blocks- it's not just the overly-aggressive URL creation. There are issues with the cursor jumping around within the codeblock, with extra HTML entities (gremlins) getting created (hurts copy & paste), fonts getting mysteriously styled within a block (shrinking font size, or text reverting to "Times New Roman"), the list goes on.  There are dozens of little bugs and glitches with the codeblock handling. Anyone who actually uses them for more than a few minutes will notice them immediately, which is why I wish the EN devs would dogfood their own product instead of handing us c.rap and using paying customers as beta testers.

    Simplify Formatting- "Simplify" vs "Remove". If you guys are treating Simplify Formatting as Remove Formatting then name it Remove Formatting and get rid of the duplicate "Make Plain Text" menu item which I guess serves no purpose. My "use case" is that in a note with mixed content (some text of varying sizes, some code blocks, some highlighted parts) it is extremely tedious to have to go and select each individual block of text to re-format it. But sometimes you have to copy+paste something from the web that has all kinds of nightmarish formatting in it.  That's what Simplify Formatting was supposed to solve. Here's a simple example:



    Why does it have to strip away the code blocks, mess up the table, remove the highlight? I can understand changing all the Fonts to my default Font Face + Size (good) but everything else is just wrong.  The way I get around this now is I make a NEW note, paste my formtted stuff in, run Simplify, and then copy it again, paste it into the actual note I wanted to add it to, then finally delete the temporary note.  It's all very cumbersome.  If I wanted everything turned into plain text, I would select that option.

  4. On 10/6/2017 at 11:49 AM, nicolml said:

    Have you tried recreating your search index after updating? 

    1. Open Evernote on your Mac
    2. Hold down the **Option** key on your keyboard and select **Help** from your Mac's menu bar
    3. Select Troubleshooting > Recreate Full Text Search Index

    I executed both actions (not at the same time, one after the other). Rebuilt both the fulltext index as well as the Spotlight index. Waited for activity log to quiesce and Activity Monitor to go back to 0%.  Quit EN and re-launched it to start fresh.  Ran a search, same issue -- huge lag between hitting "enter" on my search field and when results are displayed. What it seems like EN is doing is querying the backend servers for related content, even though I have that option disabled. Is that possible?

  5. I was posting in the Mac section because I am not sure where the bug actually lies..... codeblocks were Ok on the iOS client until the 6.12/6.13 betas came along. Something about how they are saving/formatting the code blocks internally is messing up the iOS clients I think.

  6. Jay-Bob: glad to hear an update is coming but... does it address the issue ....

    ...where random `;` semicolon characters get added to the end of certain lines when creating code blocks?

    ...where URLs keep getting turned into clickable links even after manually removing them (over and over)

    ...where font size goes completely haywire when Simplify Formatting or Cmd+Shift+K (remove link) is used?

    I made a simple animated GIF screencast to show some of these problems... really easy to reproduce on a Mac running 6.13 beta 2



  7. Another bug:

    Copying text from a code block you sometimes end up with HTML entities instead of the raw text. Example:

    echo "HelloWorld" > foo.txt

    When you select that block of text in Evernote and COPY it, you end up with this in the clipboard:

    echo "helloWorld" > foo.txt

    This doesn't always happen, but it does happen sometimes — I've attached here an .enex file where it can be reproduced.


  8. 7 hours ago, nicolml said:

    Have you tried recreating your search index after updating? 

    1. Open Evernote on your Mac
    2. Hold down the **Option** key on your keyboard and select **Help** from your Mac's menu bar
    3. Select Troubleshooting > Recreate Full Text Search Index

    I'm running that now, will give it a try.

    What about the other option -- "Recreate Spotlight Search Index" do I need to also run that?

    How do I know when the rebuild is complete?

  9. When I use "search" there is a big lag (I would say about 4-6 seconds is common) before the results are displayed. This never happened on 6.11 where search was almost instant. I have around 8800 notes. Also, when clicking on a note, quite often before it is rendered there is a spinner shown for a few seconds before the note gets shown. This is also a new thing and was not happening in 6.11. 

    Overall, these 2 changes result in a huge slowdown and makes the app pretty frustrating to use. This isn't unique to 6.13 beta-2, it's has been happening since 6.12+

    Also not fixed:

    Bug with file:// links

    Note List often goes blank


  10. I use file:// links often in my notes to link to related files/folders on my disk, e.g. "file:///Users/luke/Desktop/" - works well.

    I noticed that file links containing anything that looks like a web URL e.g. "www.evernote.com" will cause the "OK" button to become unclickable. Some sort of braindead URL validation:


    Removed "www.":


    Please fix this.


  11. I use code block formatting a lot.  Am I crazy for doing this?  How long will this feature be in "beta"?  It's been over a year now right? maybe more?

    Here's a fresh note I just created in EN Mac v6.12.3 (455520 Direct), the code block looks like this (I have already "Simplified Formatting" and made sure that everything is "clean" several times)


    Now, switch over to the same note on the iOS app (v8.4.1) and...


    Not only does this make editing on mobile impossible, but it concerns me that data will be corrupted/lost.

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