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  1. Warning to anyone who uses code blocks, this version has significant new bugs surrounding them. See https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/118424-en-78-final-dangerous-bug-with-code-blocks/
  2. Guess I missed the memo about the new CEO. Sounds like a glimmer of hope, but to be honest it's been so many years of decline I am not sure the boat can be turned around. For me it's "guilty until proven innocent" at this point. I do wish EN the best however, and hopefully we will start seeing a change in quality this year.
  3. That's not how EN development works anymore. There won't be any 7.8.1. There will be a 7.9 beta 1, which will fix 1 bug but add 3 new ones. Those 3 bugs will be reported here. There won't be any more 7.9 betas though. 7.9 will be released, with maybe 1 or 2 of those bugs fixed, but also with 2 new bugs. Rinse. Repeat.
  4. How long is too long? I haven't hit this bug yet myself.
  5. Also reported here but it wasn't fixed. Now 7.8 final is out and the bug remains. bug - part 1: when copying text from a code block, an unwanted newline (carriage return) is appended to the end. This one is dangerous for me since I keep a lot of terminal commands in EN as reference and frequently copy & paste them. The extra carriage return causes the commands to immediately execute if pasted into a terminal. If the command in question was e.g. `rm -rf /foo` that could be catastrophic. bug - part 2: when selecting a block of text and converting it to code block, 2 extra blank lines are added at the end. screenshots: before: after: bug - part 3: if the code block contains blank lines, they are omitted when copy/pasted: code block: after copy/paste into Sublime Text (e.g.) I opened support ticket #2750982
  6. It definitely used to update immediately, I think it was working as recently as 7.6
  7. Sad to see this bug was totally ignored and allowed to make it thru to 7.8 final... sheesh.
  8. I noticed this bug a few days ago but I held off on reporting it. Today I updated to EN 7.8 final to see if the bug was fixed. It wasn't so I opened a support ticket (#2750953). Just in case others are noticing this: The bug is simple: The "Trash" folder on the sidebar doesn't update when deleting notes. You have to click on "Trash" for it to refresh. This started in 7.7 AFAICT and it's also in 7.8.
  9. @glenrothes I'm sorry to hear about your data loss but that is definitely not the same issue I am facing. I would say my issue is actually scarier, since data I am entering in EN is literally disappearing. Your data is missing from the app but is visible on the web, so that's probably some sort of database corruption on your desktop.
  10. Update: This is still happening on 7.7 GA (457389). I added notes & logs to my support ticket yesterday, waiting to hear back. This is really worrisome.
  11. Seems to be a new bug: when copying text from a code block, a newline / carriage return is being appended to the end. This is annoying (and can be dangerous) when e.g. copying commands and pasting into Terminal.
  12. Can we please get some dev time spent on PERFORMANCE? The lag when navigating around EN, doing basic searches, hitting ⌘N to create a new note...waiting 10 seconds (not exaggerating) for the note to appear... on a 2018 Mac Mini 6-core i7 with 1TB NVMe SSD and 32GB RAM. Yes I've rebuilt and reindexed my database. No I don't have Context enabled. It's totally unbearable. refer to https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/114767-performance-for-evernote-72-for-mac-slow/ for more stories.
  13. Yes, I have had the issue occur on 7.6 GA. I never got a response on my support ticket #2718308
  14. Yup. I did that. Also opened a support case #2718308.
  15. X-posting since this is the main 7.6 beta 3 thread...
  16. I can't reliably reproduce this BUT this is a serious issue. Since 7.6 beta 3 (possibly started with beta 1/2...) I have had 4 or 5 cases of data loss in EN. The scenario goes something like this: 1. create a new note 2. add a few lines of text 3. some time goes by, while I do other things... but not too much time, maybe 5-10 minutes 4. I enter some more text on the note 5. some more time passes, maybe I put the laptop to sleep even 6. open EN back up and POOF the text I entered from step 4 is gone, lost. There is no record of it anywhere, not in Note History, EN web app, etc. This is a new problem that started happening RECENTLY. It has happened to me repeatedly, on multiple computers, so it is not a fluke or a one time event. Something is definitely not right. Please look into this!
  17. BECAUSE....change! No seriously, the real reason is: us lowly users were overwhelmed and confused with all those fiddly buttons. Better tuck em away so nobody will ask any questions.
  18. luckman212

    Mac 7.6 Beta 2

    Another new bug: In "Light Mode" on a non-retina display, text is not rendering properly. It appears extra thick and blurry/smeared. Example: Dark mode Light mode This is with the following settings defaults write -g CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled -bool false defaults write -g AppleFontSmoothing -int 3
  19. luckman212

    Mac 7.6 Beta 2

    First time I've had this happen in a while but, I noticed a data loss issue on this release right away I created a new note on my laptop, gave it a title and pasted some text in (a bunch of links) Then, I switched back to my browser for a few minutes. When I went back to add more to the new note, I found that all the links I'd pasted in were goneUgh. Well, they were still in my clipboard, so I just pasted them in again. Another 5 minutes later -- and <poof> the links had again disappeared. For the 3rd time, I pasted the content back in. This time it seemed to "stick" but I am obviously concerned. Not sure what is going on!
  20. Thanks. I filed my own bug as well and referenced that one. Mine is #45540301
  21. Thanks but I don't think Evernote is hiring anybody these days And to be fair, finding bugs in EN is like shooting fish in a barrel.
  22. Can you post the Apple bugID# so I can file my own bug and reference it? This will help prioritize the bug on Apple's side if it really is a macOS issue.
  23. Another bug: When searching, key words are highlighted but when notes are scrolled up & down, the highlight boxes stay put -- like they're floating above the note:
  24. @nicolml This bug has now "infected" both of my Macs -- even after upgrading to 7.6 beta 1. It's really annoying. I have blown out the entire profiles of both of these machines and this eventually comes back. It's somehow happening server side because I think these notifications are queried from some web service at startup. Please help me get rid of this. (Also note how horrible this alert looks in Dark Mode-- separate bug) reference support tickets #2694180 and #2694185
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