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  1. I can't seem to just COPY an image from an existing EN note into the clipboard. Is that a bug? I'm on the latest Public version

    Here's the menu I get when I right-click on an image:


    When I select that "Copy" command, I hear the Windows "beep" error sound, and nothing is copied. :shock: Help?

  2. need to be implemented, tested, documented, and, yes, supported

    Implemented yes. Tested yes. Documented, no. Supported, no.

    Anyway, this conversation is deteriorating. Enough said, the request has been made. EN will either decide to do it or they won't. No point in us debating whether they would have to support it or not, or how many support tickets would be generated. I can't imagine the sort of dolt who would dig into his registry to set an unsupported, undocumented key, and then later file a support ticket because his EN frobbed when it should have glorked. I guess the exchange would go something like this:

    Dolt: Help! My EN is Frobbing! It was supposed to Glork!

    EN: Did you fiddle with the unsupported, undocumented AlwaysFrob registry key by any chance?

    Dolt: Oh yeah, I did. You mean if I set AlwaysFrob=1 then my EN will Always Frob? Even when I tell it to Glork?

    EN: Yes.

    Dolt: Doh! I must be a real idiot!

  3. I wouldn't even mind if this was a hidden, undocumented Registry tweak; i.e. add a


    key and set it to 1 to implement the tag lock. If someone is intelligent enough to open up their registry editor & insert this key then they get to enjoy this feature. If not, they don't. It is implied that if they have gone through the trouble to add that key, then they should understand why EN does X when they hit the Frob button. No support issues.

  4. I've noticed this too, I never reported it but it's been a problem since at least v4.2 and persists into the latest versions. I'm not 100% sure but I think it relates to the type of content being pasted -- e.g. pasting plaintext seems ok, but if you paste in complex HTML content the undo does nothing.

  5. Would not have a big impact on me, as I have got into the habit of watching for tag in suggestion list and clicking it

    Yes but I am a keyboard junkie- I don't like reaching for the mouse when I'm typing unless I have to. Also, I have a lot of short 3- and 4-letter tags, so the typos can still occur. As long as there's an option to enable/disable this option I don't see any downside to it.

  6. More often than I like, I make typos when typing in tags. Example, sometimes I mean to type "eval" but I type "ebal". Then later when I can't find something I scratch my head for awhile before realizing what happened. While some might consider EN's on-the-fly tag creation a great feature, I consider it a liability. If I want to create a new tag (which I don't do very often) then I sure wouldn't mind the extra step of right-clicking on my tag tree and choosing "Create Tag..."

    That way if I type "caked" instead of "cakes" while tagging, EN should pop up and say "You don't have a tag named "caked". Create this tag now?" instead of just accepting my typo without any warning.

  7. I stumbled onto a little-known feature of Windows 7 called Federated Search. Basically it allows users to create "plugins" that integrate search results from web services into the Windows 7 Search bar. There are examples on these pages for Flickr, Youtube, Digg, Yahoo, etc. The thought occurred to me that if EN refuses to create a proper IFilter plugin to allow Windows users to search their local EN data via Windows Search, then at least maybe they could release one of these .osdx plugins to allow the WebService to be searched, returning evernote:// links that link back to the local notes. This is a little Kludgy but it could work. The two caveats would be:

    1) authentication (not sure Federated Search supports the type of Auth that EN requires)

    2) local notebooks would not be searched, since results would be coming from the EN web service

    Here are some links with more detail on Federated Search:

    http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/74 ... iders.html

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library ... 55(v=vs.85).aspx

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library ... 99(v=vs.85).aspx

    http://www.ampercent.com/federated-sear ... ws-7/7150/

    I briefly glanced at the Evernote API but I admit that I couldn't really determine if this would be possible. Is this another non-starter?

  8. This has been suggested many many times before. EN seems either decidedly uninterested in implementing it (seems like it would be quite trivial now that EN has direct inward URI linking capability) or they are just deciding not to comment on it. I think it's quite unfair since Mac users have unified search capability via Spotlight. Anyway, head on over to http://evernotevote.com and vote for "IFilter support to allow integrated searching of EN from Windows Desktop Search (start menu)"

  9. Now that 4.4 *does* have direct URL-links for each note, I believe that this feature should be reconsidered. It would be so amazingly useful to have a single unified search box to search emails (Outlook), the Windows Desktop (Word, Excel, PDF, plaintext docs) and Evernote simultaneously.

    I don't use EN on Mac, but don't Mac users already benefit from something like this via integrated Spotlight search? At least an iFilter would bring Win users up to feature parity.

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  10. adding a "developer mode" or "behind the scenes view" so you could get at the code was something I suggested a long time ago but it was shot down-- EN thought it would be too confusing and potentially dangerous for users to be able to modify this code themselves. I still think its a good idea, especially if such a feature was initially hidden from view and needed to be intentionally enabled before it could be used. But I don't want to get too far off topic.

  11. I can't figure out how to reliably reproduce this bug,

    but what happens is sometimes when you CUT text from one table cell and then PASTE it into another, it winds up with a "table within a table" a single 1x1 cell nested inside the rest of the table cell. Winds up looking like this:


    UPDATE: I finally figured out how to repro this:

    1) launch notepad.exe

    2) type:


    (you need the carriage returns)

    3) select all

    4) copy

    5) go to EN

    6) new note

    7) insert 3x3 table

    8 ) position cursor in top-left cell

    9) ctrl+shift+v (paste as text)

    you will wind up with this mess:


  12. A common theme when discussing this topic seems to be that the term "flexibility' is being freely exchanged with "complexity".

    In the example below, the tag for Book will have zero notes attached to it. I would not combine fiction with romance. I would use separate tags for more flexibility complexity.

    Spin it however you want, but having to come up (and later remember) 2 distinct tags for each category so searches can be performed later is just nuts. I don't see the downside to changing the functionality so that searching for "tag:books" would also include any tags hierarchically beneath it. I would think that in 95% of the cases, this would be the expected/desired behavior. In the 5% when it's not, then we could always exclude any subtags that we don't want to see via "-tag:whatever" or even by searching for the specific subtag e.g. "tag:fiction". Now THAT would be true flexibility (without complexity).

  13. I don't expect to find "Alice in Wonderland" by typing "books". But I do I want to find notes that are tagged "books/fiction" when I search for "books". Using your methodology, I might as well have the parent tag be "asdhfgskdfjvhbskdfjbvhsdflghjsdfg" because that would provide the same functionality.


  14. I read all of the threads that Burgers linked to but am still left scratching my head. So I will ask again: without using separate notebooks (only using tags) what is the EN "best practice" for organizing notes in a hierarchical fashion e.g "books", "books/fiction", "books/fiction/romance" to where one can search for "books" and see notes from books/fiction/romance in the search results?

    After reading all those other threads I am left thinking that the only "solution" is to remember(??) that when tagging something "books/fiction" that I must also (again, manually) remember to tag it "books". This seems crazy to me again, unless I am missing the bigger picture.

  15. Hi, sorry if this has been asked & answered before but I couldn't find it after a quick search.

    I was going to try to set up some nested tags for organizing notes under a larger "projects" category, below that I wanted "work" and "personal" to differentiate between those 2 types of projects. I imagined that I would be able to select the overall "projects" tag to view notes from BOTH sub-tags. But what I instead found was that clicking on "projects" showed NO NOTES.

    Basically, if you have a tag "ABC" and below it a subtag "XYZ", selecting tag:abc does not show all the xyz-tagged notes. e.g. the screenshow below, you can see that there is a note tagged xyz but selecting the parent tag 'abc' displays nothing in the notes list.


    Is this by design? If so, I am not sure I see the reason to have the nested tags at all, since they appear to be nested in appearance only, but not functionality. Am I totally missing the point of these?

    Also, bigger picture question: given the above problem, is the recommended way to do this in EN still the "tag.subtag" (subtag after a period) to enable searching via "tag:projects.*" or "tag:projects.work" ?

    thank you for any insight.

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