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  1. Do you accept Paypal payments in Israel? Regards, --ddebug
  2. Same here. Version. on Win8.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I tried to take a photo on iPad and annotate it. Have the latest update for iPad. It started very well, taken the picture, entered annotation mode, I skitched around some annotations. Then I hit SAVE and things went haywire. It stuck, all buttons (save, cancel) are grayed out, it does not respond. Of course this occurred in the most unfortunate time when I had to send the photo ASAP (*) After ~ 10 minutes it wake up, said "evernote unexpectedly quit" and offers to send report. So here you are, get the report, please. Regards, and have nice day! - dd (*) Even more unfortunate is that I was considering to pay for Premium...
  4. Annotation works in images only after a sync. A bit counter-intuitive (or rather a megabyte I'd say) but this is how it works. Perhaps, a hangover from Skitch integration... So, if you just added the image, hit the sync button and then the annotation symbol should appear on the image. (So yep, you must be online and wait for the sync to complete.) -- dd
  5. I have EN 7.6.1 on iOS 8.1 (iPAD mini), Edited a note (pasted text from Safari), closed, synced. But these edits won't propagate to Windows desktop EN (v 5.6.4) Opened the note again on iPAD, edited more, synched again - new edits propagated, but previous edits did not. Now there are two versions of the note, on iPAD and on Windows, and this is not a conflicting change (Conflicting changes in Windows EN is empty, and iOS version does not seem to have this notebook). It's scary... My external brain is failing! - dd
  6. > did you give up on the Touch version and try out the Desktop instead? The Touch version - though my win8.1 PC is a normal desktop sans touch screen. On this machine I wanted to do everything as Microsoft intended I have EN also on WinXP (my main desktop), iPad and Android tablets. regards, -- dd
  7. Ok, managed to break thru this. Just removed the app, rebooted and reinstalled, Now it syncs all my notes, dogg slowww like $%^#@! It seems to sync only while it is in foreground. When put in background, it just sleeps and stops syncing - contrary that you could expect! I've read news and browsed for a hour while it synced, only to find that it did nothing all that time. And the so clever "get the desktop version" thing... silly. yeah. -- dd
  8. How to print from ANY app on Win8: Get the Devices charm (Win-C, Devices) and select PRINT. Doesn't this work for you? - dd
  9. Why EN Touch won't update on my win8.1? Every time I get error: "this app wasn't installed - view details", and the details are... "Something happened and this app could not be installed. Error code: 0x8024600E" I've tried to close Store, reboot, and whatever. No dice. All other apps on this machine update ok. dd.
  10. After clicking on Anouncements, the view renders, then after ~ 2 seconds EN crashes. System: WinXP SP3. EN updated from some previous 5.5 version. I've sent the crash report via Windows (WER). Thanks, dd.
  11. Has anyone noticed this? Annotation of pictures will not work *until* the note containing the picture is synchronized. Very annoying and disruptive. Is this scheduled for fix? Thanks! dd
  12. Disagree respectfully... There may be a lot of other sensitive documents on a PC, cookies, browser passwords, whatever. To keep all this safe, just use the whole-system encryption (Bitlocker or 3rd party). New Windows machines and tablets have boot passwords or fingerprint protection. Evernote cannot possibly do much better than that. dd.
  13. You guys do awesome OCR and text search in Penltumate notes - even in my horrible scribblings, in multiple languages. Will it be ever possible to actually copy handwritten text out of Penultimate notes, photos?Maybe, as premium feature? dd
  14. So you have the "Metro" Win8 version of Evernote, or the "normal" (a.k.a. desktop) version? --dd
  15. Try using the web interface while waiting for remedy... Or get a cheap Android tablet - dd
  16. Release notes are blank in Help/Release notes and the update notification dialog. (Otherwise this version looks ok) Thanks, - dd
  17. I like new versions too... but this time (v 5.x for normal Windows) it's just getting weird and breaks useful functionality. HOW, tell me please, do we set URLs to newly created notes?? (not web clips) There simply is nothing to click on and enter it, like in versions 4.x. So now I have to paste the link into the note body.... dd.
  18. Thank you all! Finally.... I understood how to do this. And it seems so simple now Just HOLD the CONTROL key while clicking on the tags. A really delicious Easter egg. -- dd
  19. Yes, tried. Results: as soon as I click on a tag, 1. the search string disappears, 2. previosly selected tag is replaced by the new one. I have ver. 4.6.8360 - dd
  20. Please, let's keep EN simple. Using existing collaboration service like ptone proposes, looks much better. there are a lot of such services: these: http://www.savegooglewave.com or Glassboard, or (yes) even Sharepoint. dd.
  21. Am I only one here annoyed by unability to search within tags using the GUI? Suppose I want to select notes by a tag and search within results. Sounds reasonable? But not. As soon as I click on the search input field, the selection resets!!! As soon as I select a tag from dropdown list or the left-side pane, the search string disappears! (Yes I know that a query can be composed manually - if one manages to remember that it is under File->New saved search, and then recall the syntax). Adding any number of tags to search is possible in web interface. Please, let us have this in Windows client too! -- dd
  22. Have you looked at these notes in web interface (after a sync)? Are the attachments missing there as well bad? -- dd
  23. Office 2010 and EN 4.6.1 here, on Win7 x64. The EvernoteOL add-in is indeed in the add-ins list - but in Manage COM add-ins popup dialog it is _not_checked. More over, I've deleted the DLL, all the same. Not sure it's worth an expletive... maybe, a bug in Outlook? -- dd
  24. As usual, you go to the Outlook Options -> Add-ins, click on Manage COM add-ins. Uncheck Evernote.Outlook. -- dd
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