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  1. Some things I've been thinking about to make the app even better. Get rid of the note title field, just let the first line of text in the note be the note title. The share option is only sharing a link to the note on the web, along with a few lines of the note. At least make it optional to share note link or note content. Thanks. Gabriel Sweden
  2. I like the app but I fel it reqires to many steps sometimes, so I would like to suggest the following. * Make it optional to start the app in "start page" (overview) OR "all notes" view. Would save me one step. * Place an EDIT button in the top bar of note pages. Would save me one step (meny key > edit) * OR just enter edit view if one taps the viewed note (even easier). * Remove "Post to facebook" and "Email" from the context menu, since its already in the "Share" option. What do you think? /drkrupp, sweden
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