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  1. I thought so too -- but it turns out it didn't. I just remembered, there's a new smaller size of iPad Pro. DTLow, judging by the size of your keys, you must have the 10.5 inch iPad Pro as opposed to the larger original iPad Pro (which I have). I guess you could use an app like AZKeys to forcibly add a tab key, but again, this shouldn't be necessary. I also messaged Evernote Support again to inquire if they had any ETA about this ongoing usability issue. The response: "At the moment I don't have any updates or the ETA on implementing this feature. While we can’t commit to getting all feature requests into the product, we do rely on our community to tell us what they’d like to see in the future. " Considering how many other suggestions in this forum have more upvotes and it's been such a long time, I am not feeling optimistic. At least this one is still on the first page. I'll ask some Evernote-using friends to consider upvoting this.
  2. Hello, I apologize for not spotting this sooner. No, I am not using a Bluetooth keyboard -- I have an iPad Pro and it includes a tab key. Based on your comment, I assume the smaller iPads don't include that key! As previously noted, it would be better usability for everyone (including me!) if Evernote would add the bullet control icons back to the main bar on mobile. I suppose you could install some third-party keyboard app that includes a tab key, but nobody should have to do that as a workaround. It's been months, so I'll try bugging tech support again.
  3. I don't know if this changed recently, or if I only discovered the function... but sometimes on my iPad, if you hit Tab it will indent the bullet. Then if you're already at the start of an indented bullet and hit Delete, it'll outdent it. I say "sometimes" because the behavior seems inconsistent and sometimes it just dismisses the keyboard instead. Sooooo, still needs some work. Really, I'd prefer to just have some actual buttons less than three clicks away.... there's plenty of room...
  4. Update -- a sliver of positivity! I just talked to Evernote support about this and got this reply: Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I've reached out to our technical support specialist to share your feedback and I'm happy to report that we are continuing to look into optimizing the formatting bar on iOS. Although I don't have an ETA at this time, this feedback is on our radar. -Aaron
  5. This is an ongoing failure in terms of usability. Considering there is a ton of toolbar space above the keyboard on the iPad app, why are the bullet indent/outdent options buried three taps away (one to get in there, one to tap it, one to close the screen and get back to the keyboard)? We used to have these functions right there in the toolbar above the keyboard, but they took it away back when this thread first started and I’ve been increasingly annoyed every since. Is there any alternate Evernote app out there that gives you immediate access to these functions, since Evernote hasn’t fixed it?
  6. My variation on this is that whenever I make or edit a note on my PC, I add a link to itself as the first line of the note. That way I can easily copy that link from the note itself. For me, that's easier than scrolling down a long list of notes to try and select/copy/paste from there. However, doing this by default for every note takes more time than the index-generating method that GrumpyMonkey described. You could instead combine the approaches... just include a link-to-self in the notes that you picture yourself referencing again in the future, and use a generated index to catch the others.
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