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  1. A 3-in-one: 1. The new app Agenda (not to be confused with the old Lotus Agenda) is getting rave reviews simply because it allows attaching a note to a calendar event. Evernote needs this. 2. The Web Clipper really should try harder to glean the name of the author when you clip an article or post. In most cases, it ain't that hard. Sure, it may not always get it right, but it would be a lot better than sticking MY name in the field! You could even insert something like "(auto-detected)" after the author's name if you weren't sure you had it right. 3. Last I checked, some items of information about a note (such as, IIRC, author) were not accessible from AppleScript for no apparent reason. Could you please fix this?
  2. Here's my use case: I have a number of rather lengthy Evernotes assembled over years, made up of clips, links, explanations, and short notes to myself about various topics. They're not particularly well organized, but that's one of the nice things about Evernote—they don't have to be. Within such a note, a given term may appear dozens of times. Some of these occurrences are about aspects of the term itself, while most of them are about other topics and simply happen to use the term. So when I go searching for a particular bit of information about the term, most of the hits will be basically irrelevant. It's a fairly lengthy process to go through them all. Through repeated use, I may come to recall that the particular item I'm looking for is "about 60% of the way through the note." This helps, but what would really help is knowing that the item is "hit #17 of the search term". That's why I'd like to have this information available. (In fact, it would be great to be able to jump directly to hit #17!) No, it won't change the world, but given that it would be fairly easy to implement, it would be a nice, useful enhancement. Truly awesome would be a Table of Contents feature: define a "Table of Contents" text style. When you apply this style to a bit of text, it would appear in an auto-generated ToC at the top of the note (or a separate window). The table would show each appearance of the term, with a few words of context before and after it. Click on an occurrence to go to that position in the note.
  3. When you search for text within a note, all the found instances are highlighted, and you can step forward or back through them with the arrows. That's fine, but it would be much better if when you go to a given instance, it displayed "Item 7 of 24 found". Click the right arrow, and it would say "Item 8 of 24 found", and so on.
  4. It would be SO GREAT if, when I return to a note I was just looking at, the scroll position was automatically restored! Currently notes always open scrolled to their top. It would save a lot of time if I didn't have to go hunting for the part I was just referring to.
  5. OK, removing all the tags from the note allowed it to move. IMO this is lame and misleading. The message should at least say something like "Cannot move note because the destination notebook does not contain all its tags." Currently there is no hint that the note will not be moved. Better would be a dialog that says "If you move this note to <notebook name>, the following tags will be removed: <list of tags>. Buttons should say "Move anyway" and "Cancel move".
  6. A Windows user shared a notebook with me. I can access the notebook in Evernote, but when I try to move one of my notes into it, I get a message that "only tags that are already in this notebook will be added to this note". I click "OK" and … nothing happens. The note stays where it is. Syncing doesn't help. Evernote Mac 6.13.1, macOS 10.13.1
  7. The worst part of this is no bulleted/numbered lists, since they provide a way to insert a code block into a "parent" list without messing up the parent's numbering scheme. The code can be a 1 (or more) item sub-list inside a parent item. Sadly, I have used this a lot.
  8. It looks like this is a major issue, and yet…crickets. Oh, I get it now: the entire editor coding team is busy working on implementing Search & Replace. NOT!
  9. I selected a block of several lines that were afflicted with this bug, and gave the "Simplify Formatting" command. The formatting was simplified to apparently the default text style, but the last line of the block was unselected. This is repeatable: I select the now-simplified block and give the Simplify command again, and nothing changes except the last line of the block is unselected. Also, applying the "code block" style does nothing. Here's the text I'm using: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> [necessary?] <resources> [must be root node] <string name="string_name">Some Text</string> ... </resources> This is with version 6.12.2
  10. Evernote 6.12 Beta 3. I just noticed the problem the other day; it may have been after an update. The same problem appears in the web interface! See attached screenshot, showing Safari. Note near the top of the image how when the line wraps the continuation actually overwrites the first part of the line. There are many, many instances of this in my notes. Not good! EvernoteFormatBug.tiff
  11. Right. Somehow I lost the custom definition of the "short" date format. Fixed now.
  12. I have a lot of notes with text blocks formatted as Code. Suddenly these blocks appear to have been oddly reformatted, with each line apparently enclosed in a doubly-nested code block. I can select these lines, then "Simplify Formatting" and they are transformed to a single block with default text style. Then I can reapply the Code style to get something like what I had. But what a pain!
  13. Suddenly, out of the blue, the ISO 8601 date format is no longer on the list of available formats in Formatting Preferences for "Insert Date". The only options shown are: 8/22/17, Aug 22, 2017, August 22, 2017, and Tuesday, August 22, 2017. None of these are acceptable. I need 2017-08-22 What happened? Evernote 6.11.1, Mac OS 10.11.6
  14. Certainly not a "one-off". Just now it was at 1.56GB (and getting laggy) after running for an hour or two. After a re-launch, it's under 200MB. Happens consistently.
  15. For the past couple of months, the Evernote icon on my iPhone has sported a badge indicating "4". 4 what? What does this mean? How can I make it stop? I've looked everywhere I can think of.
  16. I just launched Evernote 6.10, and according to the Mac's Activity Monitor, its memory footprint is 114 MB. When I quit it a few minutes ago because it was getting very laggy, it was at 2.42 GB! Sorry, but this just isn't cool. If I let it continue it would eventually hang my computer.
  17. To heck with printing, I can't even adjust the margins for display in a note I just created. It's a bookmark from the Safari web clipper, and when I try to add text to the note, the right margin is very large, if not infinite. Lines of text don't wrap and I can't find any way to change this (Simplify Formatting doesn't help). Terrible! (Mac version 6.11b1)
  18. Apple has a great list of standard Mac keyboard shortcuts here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201236 It would be great if these worked in Evernote. In particular, I constantly miss the ability to scroll to the beginning or end of a note with a single keystroke. Now that you are apparently re-architecting the editor to accommodate new features, this would be a great time to put these on the list!
  19. OK, it's been a year with no action. In fact I forgot I'd posted this and just put up another feature request to have the web clipper be smarter about guessing the author's name and filling in the field.
  20. Doesn't work for me in the tags field. The stars don't show up as a suggested replacement.
  21. Mac OS has a feature in Keyboard preferences that will replace a character sequence you type with a different one. I'm trying to use this to create my own "star tags" since Evernote refuses to add these to the product. For example, I've set the feature to replace "3 star" (without the space) with "★★★". This works when editing a note's text. But it doesn't work when adding tags, and it should.
  22. I clip a lot of articles from the web (Mac Safari). Invariably I have to edit the clipping to insert the author's name in the "author" field. The clipper could be a lot smarter about finding the author's name in the article and automatically inserting it.
  23. And maybe finally fix the line spacing issue (where if you change the font size in a line of text, there's no way to adjust line spacing to fit).
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