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  1. Many of us have 4.3"+ displays, and I for one use a custom lcd density to better utilize screen real estate. While this fact is not necessarily relevant to my request, it does give background on how I discovered this. Until a few versions ago, I automatically had the tablet view in the app when using a custom DPI, as the app thought I had a tablet. I absolutely love the tablet user interface, and with a large screen phone, it is makes MUCH better use of the screen real estate. It is also more KISS, as there is less "layers" to go through to accomplish tasks. I love the fact that my recent notes are right there when I open the app!! This is great as the phone interface requires me to make 2 screen clicks to view my recent notes. I bet there would be many others with who would love this, if they knew about it, but anyone without a tablet would probably not even know it existed. I only knew because I set a custom lcd density. I was VERY upset when this went away after the most recent updates!! I even started looking for a replacement, but there is NO replacement for evernote! My request would be to allow users the option (maybe in settings) to choose which interface they want to have. As device displays get larger and have a higher resolution, this option would really make a lot of users happy. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, attached is a screenshot (not mine) of what the tablet view looks like.
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