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  1. I can't believe that this bug persists and that the Android app continues to wreck all tabs. Every time there's a new Android app update, I keep my fingers crossed that this is fixed, but it still isn't. Does anyone at Evernote have an update?
  2. Argh!!!! A step backwards: this bug is back in the latest version of the Android app! I just watched a bunch of my indents vanish when I tried to edit a note on Android.
  3. This bug is back again in the latest version of the Android app. (It had been fixed in the previous version.)
  4. Agreed -- I'm glad the Android app no longer wrecks indents/nested bullets, but I still don't feel like I can really deal with documents that contain indents/nested bullets in the app. My solution has just been to get rid of indents and nested tabs from all my Evernote documents, replacing them with spaces. Until this feature is really implemented across all of Evernote's platforms, it just seems best to me to avoid it altogether.
  5. Hi, Evernote folks -- I was so happy to see the latest Android app update which fixes the indent issue. Thank you!!!! There are still cases I'm catching where editing something on Android causes unintentional formatting changes to the whole document: I've noticed small fonts being changed to larger fonts, and it seems that when font colors change within a line, the line is converted into a single color. Thanks, Alan
  6. I've noticed a new wrinkle here: on editing a note with a bullteted list on Android, the various levels of bullets get completely flattened. Is this bug something that can be fixed soon? It's incredibly frustrating that the (otherwise wonderful) Android app wrecks formatting. And it's keeping me from using Evernote as I intended to when I signed up for a premium account.
  7. I was keeping my fingers crossed when I saw an update to the Android app yesterday, but the bug is still present. Any update on when this might be fixed? I'm very eager to use Evernote (and even bought a paid account), but I can't as long as editing in the Android app destroys all the indents.
  8. I'm frustrated that this bug has persisted for several months now. It's not OK for the Evernote Android app to destroy formatting without even warning you.
  9. Yeah, this seems like a shockingly huge bug: I could live with the Android app just not letting me indent things, but it actually destroys the indents that are already there! I can't use Evernote Android so long as it does this.
  10. To be more precise, it's paragraph indents that Evernote Android destroys. This is a major and terribly irritating bug. Anyone watching this?
  11. Hi, I've stumbled on a really debilitating bug: whenever I edit a note on my Android, all the tabs are removed! Is this a known issue? And is a fix in the works? Thanks, Alan
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